Cardiff concerts this Wednesday and Thursday

killing time


You are cordially invited to join Voluntary Arts Wales for a performance of Killing Time, by Pembrokeshire-based composer Jobina Tinnemans and a group of local amateur knitters.

“Killing Time, a composition for piano, cello, clarinet, guzheng and five knitters on electronics, has previously been performed in St David’s, Pembrokeshire, and at the MATA Festival in New York. Inspired by the sounds of West Wales, it plays upon the coastal resonances and craft connections of Pembrokeshire, New York, Cardiff and Scandinavia, by virtue of the beautiful venue of the Norwegian Church at the heart of Cardiff Bay.”

The performance will take place at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay, on 2 and 3 July 2014, and is part of the AHRC Connected Communities Festival, being held at the St David’s Hotel. It has come about through Voluntary Arts Wales’ involvement in Co-Creating CARE, a Connected Communities research project led by the University of Falmouth.

Performances will last approximately half an hour and all are welcome to attend (no registration required, subject to capacity):

  • 11am, Wednesday 2 July
  • 2pm, Wednesday 2 July
  • 11am, Thursday 3 July
  • 2pm, Thursday 3 July

More details at

We look forward to seeing you!

Daniel Carpenter @ Voluntary Arts Wales

In just over a week…. Sheffield Fringe

A special adaptation of ‘Killing Time’ with an ensemble of Sheffield knitters will be performed at this festival, on June 6th, 8pm.. Here’s the full programme – be seduced, make some space in your diary and come around!


Angus B


Image: Angus Braithwaite, “Acer Pseudoplatanus” (video still), 2013. Courtesy of the artists.


Fri 6th – Sat 14th June
71 Eyre Lane
Sheffield S1 4RB

Please join us for a full weekend of films, performances, and discussions, followed by an extended run of Breaking The Frame, Marielle Nitoslawska’s unmissable portrait of the groundbreaking artist and feminist Carolee Schneemann. We are delighted to have many participating artists present at this years’ edition of Sheffield Fringe at Bloc Projects. In addition Bloc Studios will be open to the public on Sunday 8th June, 12-6. Admission to all events is free.

Friday 6th June 6pm | Maybe Darkness | 80 min
With films by Juliette Joffé, Angus Braithwaite, Rose Butler, Akio Yuguchi, Alison J. Carr, Adrienne Leverette/ Rob Tyler, and David Blandy.
The inevitable weight of individual and family history is consistently tempered by a playful self-awareness throughout these films, in which artists examine the impact of formative experiences via familiar domestic and cultural touchstones.

Friday 6th June 8pm | Killing Time | 30 min +
Dutch composer Jobina Tinnemans’ performance Killing Time combines electronic samples, contemporary classical technique, and an ensemble of volunteering knitters to astonishing effect. For Sheffield Fringe, Jobina re-stages a specially adapted performance, with Sheffield knitters joining her live.

Saturday 7th June 6 pm | Kiss me, gentlemen | 75 min
With films by Alexander Lorenz, Nelmarie du Preez, Daniel Mann / Sirah Foighel Brutmann / Eitan Efrat, Miranda Pennell, Walid Raad, Michel Wenzer, and Yaron Lapid.
The films in this programme deal with the mechanisms and technologies of entrapment; judicial systems, the military, prison, society in general.  Whilst some films critique the assumed political agency of documentary, others inject humour, incite horror or straddle precariously on the tightrope of representation.

Saturday 7th June 8pm | 60 min +
Emergency Aesthetics: Documenting the COBRA committee with Theo Price, Samuel Stevens, and Stephen Connolly.
When the British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convenes, COBRA RES invites artists, writers and filmmakers to respond. In this presentation Theo Price and Samuel Stevens share a number of artworks and film-based responses to recent emergencies from hostages being held in an Algerian gas plant, to the recent UK flooding disaster.

Sunday 8th June 4pm | Urban Observations, Tehran: What Kind of Modern? | 70 min
With films by Solmaz Shahbazi, Shirin Sabahi, Farhad Ahrarnia, Hadi Fallahpisheh, and Farahnaz Sharifi.
At the heart of these films, the city of Tehran emerges as a place brimming with political frustrations and thwarted dreams of several generations. Memories of loss, as well as ambivalent attitudes towards the present, and defensive anxieties about the future are presented in subtle tales exploring the human condition.

Mon 9th – Sat 14th June 2pm & 4pm daily | Breaking The Frame | 100 min

This remarkable feature–length portrait of the New York artist Carolee Schneemann by filmmaker, cinematographer and film professor Marielle Nitoslawska captures Schneemann in her own words, images, and reflections. A pioneer of performance and body art as well as avant-garde cinema, Schneemann has been challenging art world assumptions about feminism, gender, sexuality, and identity for five decades.

Sheffield Fringe is an artist-led curatorial project exploring the intersection of art & documentary practices through screenings, talks, exhibitions and research, presented in partnership with Openvizor,Diversity Art Forum and Goldsmiths University of London.



Sheffield Fringe

on the Sheffield Fringe Facebook page it says :

“Really honoured Jobina Tinnemans will be performing at Bloc Projects for Sheffield Fringe 2014. Jobina will stage a specially adapted performance of ‘Killing Time’, originally commissioned by MATA and performed in Brooklyn, New York. Reminiscent of a pop-up book, Sheffield knitters will be invited to play live the knitted electronics parts to the filmic documentation of the New York performance. We are looking for Sheffield-based volunteering knitters. Please get in touch:

MATA festival New York 2013 - Jobina Tinnemans

Jobina Tinnemans on her MATA composition ‘Killing Time’ and its film ‘Killing time in New York’


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Originally posted on The Sampler Blog:


MATA festival in New York, founded by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky and Lisa Bielawa, commissioned Jobina Tinnemans out of over 600 submissions to write a new work for their 2013 edition:

I often include non musicians to be part of my ensemble, who, by their activity, create a rhythm or sound secondary to their action, for the particular timing it generates. I currently live in Pembrokeshire and for this work I approached its majestic coastal soundscape as an education in timing of my music. In order to keep the timing of a field recording alive and natural – since it’s a document, much like a photograph is – I dissected the recording of a flock of arctic terns into single calls and turned them into a software instrument to be live reconstructed again, back into a flock of birds, at the MATA concert in New York. The sound segments needed to be triggered in a nonlinear way and I used…

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Some sound to all the talking

After all the talking and pictures about MATA, let’s post some actual music: here is a 6mins excerpt of ‘Killing Time’ with its various movements – the full concert is 25mins. It’s starts with an excerpt of the prelude, before it moves on to the actual piece.

(sound cloud blip: if nothing’s showing up try here )


Film trailer of ‘Killing time in New York’

Here it is! The trailer of the film I’ve been working on for months.

Killing time in New York – trailer from Jobina Tinnemans on Vimeo.

‘Killing time in New York’ (54mins) is an art house documentary set in New York and Pembrokeshire about the making and performance of a contemporary classical music composition…. with knitters.

This music piece was a commission by MATA festival New York. It’s a festival for young composers founded by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky and Lisa Bielawa. The panel selected Jobina Tinnemans out of 600 plus submissions to write a new work for the 2013 edition of MATA, staged in Roulette, Brooklyn.

The MATA team put out a call on social networks and members of the knitting community in New York and beyond were involved. Back in Pembrokeshire, knitters have helped experimenting and trying out the purpose-built computer interface that has been designed for it. But, mainly, the making of.. part of the film is an intimate look into Jobina’s sketch book of this piece. Followed by the actual ‘Killing Time’ documentation of the MATA concert in April.

“Known for her work with concrete sounds, Dutch-Welsh composer Jobina Tinnemans follows the lead of the late Cornelius Cardew, incorporating nonmusicians into a new music context. Her MATA commission, Killing Time, is a concerto grosso for solo knitters, instrumental ensemble, and a ripieno orchestra of knitters, visualizing the passage of time through its trace in fibre.” (MATA press release)



Concert and Film Première, Oct and Nov

In St.Davids on the 25th of October, the ‘Killing Time’ composition will be performed in St. Davids Cathedral. This will be the first performance of the piece after it’s New York premiere.

St.Daivds 25th October

In Fishguard on the 22nd of November, the film ‘Killing Time in New York’ will be screened in Theatr Gwaun. A film about the making of the composition in Pembrokeshire and performance of the work on the NY stage. It’s an evening filling program with an artist talk, exhibition of ‘behind the scenes’ artefacts and a live knitters ensemble music performance of a new music work made with knitters.


MATA Benefit Gala Sept 21

There will be a charity auction with original manuscripts by Philip Glass, Ligeti, Bresnick, amongst others. Two original manuscripts of my ‘Killing Time’ MATA commission are auctioned, as well. The proceeds will go to next year’s edition of the MATA festival for young composers.
A sneak preview of the manuscripts, the ‘Silent Auction Selections’, is on the social net

MATA Benefit Gala is honoring soprano and new music advocate Dawn Upshaw

Date: September 21, 2013

Place: Tibet House, 22 West 15th Street, New York

Time: 6:00 PM

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served

Tickets: $225 per person

all info here:

knitting Pwll Deri soundscape

I’m getting closer to finishing the film of my NY MATA composition and in August there will be an exhibition about it in Fishguard, incorporated in Elizabeth Stonhold’s Knitting Jazz community arts project.

Yesterday we did a photo shoot for the film and exhibition, to show the prepared knitting ensemble IN its majestic instrument’s setting, since the electronics part of my ‘Killing Time’ composition, which are triggered by the activity of knitting, was an electronic instrument created by sounds from this beautiful place in Pembrokeshire, called ‘Pwll Deri’.

The long white knittings are knitted by the performing knitters on the NY stage, which I brought back with me. It’s work in progress.

jobinatinnemans-killingtimephoto by Philip Clarke

hear me in your copy of Ableton Live 9

Proud to be included in Ableton Live 9 with my ‘I want your Peacock’ percussion loop! – a showcase for Sonic Couture’s ‘Konkrete Breaks’. All arp based. It’s got a knack to it, it doesn’t always do what you want…. just how we like it.

Thank you Concrete Plastic and Sonic Couture!

Ableton Live 9 BLATNOVA

Why me? …it’s on

This is an episode on about the MATA festival. From about 10:00 mins Yotam Haber, artistic director, speaks inclusively about why and how the commissioning team chose my work out of 600 plus submissions. The work with ping-pong games and people trimming hedges he mentions in the interview is ‘Shakespeare and Hedgeshear’, which will once more be performed at the ‘World Music Days 2014′ in Wroclaw, Poland.

Killing Time concert, 2013 MATA festival NYC

this is a quick report from New York:

It has been spectacular! What a unique event and what a generous contribution from the knitting community. I will get in touch with the Knitting Orchestra and the Knitting Soloists to have all names to present to you. The musicians were wonderful, it all sounded fantastic after only a few rehearsals. The reactions from the audience have been very positive! I’m over the moon and try to have a few days off, it has been a very intensive project.

Here are some snapshots from the concert, I will start working on the filmed documentation soon.

KillingTime-JobinaTinnemans-videostillvideostill from footage shot by Ted Schaeffer




photos by Andy Wheddon

MATA Quinceañera opening evening


Knitters Luba, Gali, and Janusz – please come forward lady in green! she’s a knitter, too


in the Paula Cooper Gallery, featuring works by Missy Mazoli and Meitar Ensemble

Quinceanera-Yotam and Eleonor

Yotam Haber, artistic director of MATA and our wonderful host and MATA founder Eleonor Sandresky

more photos here!