Shakespeare and Hedgeshear (2007 and 2014)

Also known as Shakespeare Und Heckenschere

A work in Tinnemans’ strand of Music for Non-Musicians which are mixed discipline works incorporating techniques to create sounds or rhythms as a bi-product of the action that cause them, such as a queue of gymnasts doing their run-jump-crashmat-landing drill. The activities themselves aren’t necessarily about sound and can be produced by anyone from within this discipline. These parts are a source of formulated randomness.

A composition in which non-musical elements are devised to bring a visual quality to the work next to the sound they make.

Premiere performance in Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany

Two prepared table tennis games are generating stochastic percussive rhythms and squeaks, its white table tennis balls filling the floor, bouncing around in unique sound worlds which change over time, scene after scene.

Alongside the prepared table tennis, clipping of metal shears are being introduced: initially to sound like upbeat cymbal accents. Yet, as the wordless story progresses into a fierce battle scene, the shears are transformed to sound like sword fight. 

Shakespeare und Heckenschere (2007)

for two table tennis games, three people trimming hedges, analogue electronics and excerpts by Shakespeare

A commission by DEGEM, Deutsche Gesellshaft für  Elektroakustische Musik, for their concert series MONO@Gasometer.

concert video of premiere concert, produced by Frank Niehusmann and Johannes Gramm

These concerts were based around the extremely long reverberation of a repurposed gasometer in Oberhausen, Germany.

The setting in the spectacular gasometer space added a dramatic and surrealistic touch to the production.

Shakespeare and Hedgeshear (2014)

for two table tennis games, three people trimming hedges, DAW and excerpts by Shakespeare

Shakespeare and Hedgeshear, ISCM World New Music Days 2014. Photo by Natalia Franklin Pierce

In 2014, British new music charity Sound And Music selected this work to represent the UK at the ISCM World New Music Days in Poland.

Shakespeare and Hedgeshear, ISCM World New Music Days 2014 in Theatr Lalek, Wroclaw, Poland.

To match the work’s unique sound requirements to the festival’s concert venue in Theatr Lalek, I developed a dedicated Shakespeare and Hedgeshear 2014 edition, setting the sound processing in a digital environment in DAW.

Order Shakespeare And Hedgeshear mixed discipline score at Donemus / email

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