Étude for Athlète, Soprano and Viola – here to listen to

MATA festival in New York showed some interest for this piece – you’re welcome to cross fingers with me!

A concrete music piece mixing electronics, classical instruments and indoor sports exercises. Typically, it’s sound is very influenced by the surrounding outdoors of my house in the sticks.

interlude – a Balancing exercise

Part 1 Gymnasts

Part 2 Kung-Fu

Part 3 Basket ball

Because there were kids and teens involved I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Imagine a sports hall with Gymnasts practising jumping and landing on a crash mat, a Kung-Fu class in black outfits rehearsing movements and Basket ball players dribble the ball. It’s was fantastic to have 27 sports volunteers joining in for this concrete music experiment.

Thanks to all enthused contributors at Fishguard Leisure Centre, Theatr Gwaun, Derek Webb, Paul Williams, Jason Crabtree and his Kung-Fu class, the Pepper’s, Helga, Martin Boulton and friends.

Thanks to Madeline Wears and Stephanie Jai Smith, Soprano and Ruth Rattenbury, Viola.

Thanks to Gwyn Williams for requesting to see this composition, as a showcase for an optional bigger production.

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