Rain Paints A Ricochet Picture (basket ball exercise + electronics)

“and I would become aware of the rain. I would press my nose hard against the window, each tiny panel of glass gave a different sound. Then it was as if my consciousness gradually spread out: I realised I could hear the rain hitting the wall. It was different from where it hit the windowpanes. Where it hit the window it reverberated with little echoes. Where it hit the wall it was dull. But then I realised I could hear the water running down the wall. And now I became aware of a distant rushing sound – a spout from the corner of the house and the water was gushing down it. Beyond that, something else… yes.. the rain was falling upon a large bush, I could detect it. And what was between the bush and the spout? Yes… there was a different sound where the rain was hitting the lawn, from where it was hitting the path… The rain had turned the light on…”

 ‘Rain Paints a Ricochet Picture’

The illustrative quote by John Hull that inspired me for this music piece, taken from his lecture in Dartington, 2001 (published in Soundscape, The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, Volume 2, Number 1, 2001). He became visually impaired at a later age.

The music is an excerpt from “Etude for Athlète, Soprano and Viola” , but I find it a work on it’s own as well. Because of it’s minimalism, is a bit of an audiophile thing, it works on a good pair of headphones. Listening to it on my iPhone headphones I felt I missed out on details enormously.

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Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

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