Nature Studies in Brighton

Tonight a new Concrete Music piece, “Nature Studies”, will be shown at The Spirit Of Gravity night at the Green Door Store, Brighton. A sound study of the surreally situated building site next door to me, which I usually, in ordinary daily life, fairly dislike. But not this time. It’s abstract music with a screening. Slightly SF of course.
Nature Studies - Jobina Tinnemans
Thanks to reduce to clear stickers. Not the Arts Council, nor Sound And Music or any of ’em. No permission was asked to film Griff Rhys Jones’ concrete mixer (but I’m sure it’s fine. He’s a nice chap who loves Art). NB: suitably, Griff has made documentaries about the first two stages of this particular project, google Pembrokeshire Farm. This is the third and final stage.

The Spirit Of Gravity May 2012

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Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

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