Naïve Ensemble Interface

And here it is! My custom-built interface. I will have 5 knitters as ‘naïve instruments’ as part of an ensemble of conventional instruments for the contemporary classical composition I’m working on for MATA festival in NYC in April.

The Naïeni-JobinaTinnemansthe logo is the works! such fun

 I’m introducing the term ‘naïve instruments’ as a way to describe the concrete elements that are in my music pieces, as, technically, I’m not using a concrete sound, but a concrete motion. Using the term Musique Concrète would be Incorrect.

It’s referred to as ‘naïve’ as the motion that I’m after is secondary to what causes the action. With gymnast’s exercises, the aim is to land perfectly on a crash mat after a jump; with Kung-Fu it’s to defend oneself and now with knitters it’s to have a jumper to wear. Or hat. Or blanket. Or tree warmer. Because the motion is secondary to the action, the timing is random within a certain rhythmic pattern or simply plain random. And that’s what I’m after.


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