Ableton Live 9 and BLATNOVA

Some BLATNOVA breaks made with Soniccouture’s ‘Konkrete Breaks’ pack are included in the new Ableton Live 9!!! in “I want your Peacock” I’ve done some trickery only using arps…..

 check Concrete Plastic label: “CP gets cozy with Ableton and Soniccouture.”


Published by jobinatinnemans

Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

3 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 and BLATNOVA

  1. thank you, Julie, for wanting to participate, it’s just great! I’m very curious to see it all coming together

  2. I need a little direction on what you want knitted – white 50 stitches but do you want some already knit before the performance? I am one of the knitters who will be actually using the electrified needles. Any particular stitch pattern?


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