Sound And Music X-mas crowdfunder

“We’ve been told that arts organisations can’t do crowd-funders AND that it’s impossible to run more than one crowdfunder at a time. Naturally, as a new music organisation keen on pushing boundaries and breaking down assumptions, we’ve decided to disregard all of this advice! We are raising money to fund three life-changing opportunities for three composers, and we wanted to give you the chance to choose between what strand of Sound and Music’s work you’d like to support.” 

Sound And Music Christmas Crowdfunder

Sound And Music is a British arts organisation that does an incredible job in representing and promoting UK contemporary classical music internationally. I’m proud to say that several strong women make up a vital part of running this institution.

They have shown to me personally that indeed they are making a difference, because of the opportunities they create, and by daring to stick their neck out for very experimental pieces.

If you still need to get some Christmas cards, why not purchase them from Sound And Music and help fund future music projects. There are also limited edition signed scores available and more. Find it here

BTW – confusingly you might see a picture of yours truly on the website if you follow the link! Well, currently this portrait of mine is the featured picture in all of SaM’s signatures. The fundraiser itself hasn’t got anything to do with a project of mine. 

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