Reel Tape Real Time Time Lord…ism

Thinking back with a smile about finding myself in a passionate conversation about reel tape with especially Brian Hodgson and more members of the original Radiophonic Workshop and EMS in the Science Museum storage rooms about three years ago; both of us recalling enthusiastically trying to splice in a barbaric fashion, drill sacrilegious nail holes into the magnetic tape just to see whether these appalling engineering techniques would generate any very analogue sound effects.

Such an inspiring moment when some individuals, who had exclusive access to these at the time very expensive innovative tools in a prestigious environment such as the Radiophonic Workshop in the early days of electronic music and reel tape machines, meet other individuals at the énd of the life-cycle of this same particular equipment, yet in this era fishing it out of a smelly skip adjacent to their half burned-down squat somewhere in the mid-nineties when the digital revolution started to take over.

…and all meet on the same sonic grounds.

For that small moment in time, there and then in the storage rooms, 4 decades had seemingly passed unnoticeable.


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