‘1953’ Faber&Faber/ Somethin’Else – Weekly Sonic Sketchbook #4

“Launched to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee, ‘60 Years in 60 Poems’ was commissioned for The Space in 2012. At the very outset Faber teamed up with Somethin’ Else Somethin’ Else took what started as a fairly loose brief, explored concepts and considered every essential of accessible user-centered design, and assembled a crack production team. 

Carol Ann Duffy’s bestselling anthology Jubilee Lines was interpreted using actors’ recordings, sound-based generative design and archive film footage to create an exciting new way to enjoy poetry.”

 (source http://www.theliteraryplatform.com/2012/06/60-years-in-60-poems/)

This is a soundtrack I made for the poem ‘Winged Back’ by Dannie Abse, marking the year 1953 in this project.

Jubilee Lines final 15-Faber&Faber-DannieAbsecopyright Faber&Faber/Dannie Abse

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Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

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