Knitting Music Workshop, Cardiff Saturday May 16th

The Knitting Music workshop is going to be awesome. You’ll be sitting in a Strumble Head soundscape, which can change from stormy to foggy. From chirping daytime to the a nightime folk tales are made of. All by people triggering these textural field recordings using their knitting needles.

As Bernie Krause said, whilst listening to a recording of nature sounds: “The texture of the recording is as delicate and lovely as a piece of fine Irish lace – an expansive sonic fabric that sucks me deep into the time and space of the original moment, as only sound can do.”

Somebody will be knitting wind and the more regular you knit the gustier it gets. Someone else will be knitting the Lighthouse and has to keep the chirping cog wheels running by trying not to drop too many stitches.

Wind and Light house in place, flock of arctic terns, check, fog horn, grasses, check – just the sea. The sea. Hope I’ll have the sea done in time.

Published by jobinatinnemans

Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

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