Knitting Music Workshop 2

I need help of my friends with the knitted music project, as I’m not much of a knitter myself.

Fiona has been a star, we’ve been trying out several stitches and what different kind of timing they would generate.

“What’s the most awkward thing to knit, Fiona? The light house knitting need to have pauses in, just as the light shines. Every lighthouse has their own light code.” 

“Vertical stripes in different colours, because you have to tidy up the wool in the back, as well, to avoid big loops.” 

And we struck upon a great pattern idea that would match the light code beams of the light house visually, in the shape of the vertical stripes, which in turn correspond with the timing to trigger the sound samples of the light house. The whole concept becomes one. To be continued.



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Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

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