Cafe OTO this Thursday

Turner Piece, the new work by composer Jobina Tinnemans will première in Cafe OTO, London on Thursday 22nd October along with two other works by Tinnemans, all performed by the acclaimed Apartment House ensemble and featuring soprano Loré Lixenberg.


Ticket prices are £10 on the door, £8 in advance and £6 for Cafe OTO members. Advance tickets can be ordered here.

Turner Piece-JobinaTinnemans


About the work…

Turner Piece  is a unique and fascinating work, which continues Tinnemans’ trademark of using non-musical ‘instruments’ as part of her compositions.

In this piece, the turning of the musical scores followed by the performers actually makes up part of the soundscape she creates. Usually the turning of pages in a classical piece is kept quiet but Tinnemans embraces this sound as part of the piece itself. The scores are printed on different types of paper to create a multitude of aural textures, some musicians will be working from tissue paper, some from brown paper and some from newspaper.

This creates a musical work where impressionistic landscape sceneries of dry grasses in the wind and gentle murmuring shore sea waves are translated and performed by the rustling sounds of the score’s page turning. And because it’s about wide landscapes, she has arranged the Apartment House ensemble into two sub-ensembles, Left and Right, to create a live, organic stereo effect.

Turner Piece is a Sound And Music ‘Embedded’ commission for the 20th jubilee of the Apartment House ensemble, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze.

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