At Vogue Knitting Live! gala dinner New York – this January

Bringing contemporary music to the New York fashion stage.

Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2016 banner

As a unique treat, the introduction to the Vogue Knitting Live! NYC gala dinner will be a performance of the extraordinary contemporary classical piece ‘Killing Time – A Knitted Soundscape’, crafted by Dutch born and Wales based composer Jobina Tinnemans, winner of the 2013 Philip Glass MATA festival for young composers. 

JobinaTinnemans-MATA-Killing Time

MATA Festival NYC Première – photo Daniel Lopera

Killing Time‘ explores Tinnemans’ fascination with the timeless natural sounds of her adopted home of Pembrokeshire, recreated through the innovative use of performing knitters who will be generating a soundscape to invoke in the listener the atmosphere of the majestic scenery of this remote yet beautiful corner of the Welsh countryside. The knitting ensemble perform on custom developed prepared knitting needles which each trigger tiny snippets of sound. Together, these sound snippets recreate the wild sounds of Nature in a far more immersive and evocative manner than a mere field recording ever could. The non-musical knitters are an integral part of the orchestra along with classical instruments and Tinnemans herself performing on electronic instruments. Every concert the performing knitters make additions to the knitted “score” which are a living document of the history of the piece, visualising the passage of time through its trace in fibre.

Jobina Tinnemans -Owen Lucas PhotographyJobina Tinnemans – photo Owen Lucas

The composition will be performed by Eleonor Sandresky on piano, Alex Waterman on cello, Adrian Sandi on clarinet and Xuan Zhou on guzheng. The knitting performers are Gali Beeri, Nataline Viray-Fung, Luba Naumova, Mark Schuyler and Lysa Chen.

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