Imagine The Snow To Be White Paper

End of January I spent in Iceland to research and develop my current Moving Classics commission by Creative Europe.

Lines and dots on paper is how I sketch out my music, to visualise natural textures I hear. These drawings are not necessarily an impression of the landscape I see, they are more of a translation of how I hear it.

When I was in Iceland the mountains were all snowy and I imagined the snow to be white paper, with the darker details to be my music sketches. There are a lot of movements in the scenery, rises and decents, dots and lines. Now the landscape is notating my music literally. I don’t know how I mean this yet.

As per definition of the creature I am, I got totally obsessed one car drive and couldn’t stop shooting pictures. My nice camera wasn’t available, as such I shot on my iPhone – which ended up to be perfect for the job. Crappy photos but perfect sketches.


img_0316-scroll-JobinaTinnemansmanipulated image


img_0395-scroll-JobinaTinnemansmanipulated image


img_0316435-scroll-JobinaTinnemans manipulated image



img_0433-JobinaTinnemansoriginal photo





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