Opening Concert for ‘A New Niche for Nature’, August 5th, Gallery Myrddin, UK

listen to an excerpt of this music for sculptures here

I’m very much looking forward to be performing live at 18:30 in Gallery Myrddin, Carmarthen, UK. I shall be opening an exhibition entitled A New Niche for Nature by sculptor Anne-Mie Melis. All welcome!

Next to opening the show Anne-Mie commissioned me to write music to co-exist with her work, as well. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view her work in silence or add an additional layer to the experience by listening on headphones to my composition for it, titled ‘Riparian Botany (music to A New Niche For Nature)‘. I’ve tried to create little soundscapes from a plant’s point of view.

The opening performance featuring ‘Riparian Botany’ variations will be using live piano and electronics in an ongoing and new approach of mine I bundle under the category of ‘Transparent Notations’.


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Exploring sound is like exploring a new planet.

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