Sjórinn Shanty – sketching out ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’

Next month the Cycle Festival, Iceland will feature a concert of six new works of mine bundled in the title ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’. South Iceland Chamber Choir will be singing alongside their echoes diffused over multiple speakers as if you’re standing in various fictional landscapes. The echoes navigate through space, history and fiction.
After three quite abstract songs we arrive at ‘Sjórinn Shanty’ (sea shanty). Sea shanties would have work rhythms to ease doing tasks on ships.
First the choir sings the rhythm part of the song, consisting of coordinates of boats on the sea, which is recorded via a throat mic each choir member is wearing. After a long delay the rhythm returns, as if it appears from over the ocean surface, far behind the horizon. The melody of the piece are names, called over the sea. These names navigate as boat names, as names of beloved or names of myths. The theme of verisimilitude returns as a question of do we hear what we hear or is it a reflection of ourselves.
In ‘Sjórinn Shanty’ I’m dissecting a song, its rhythm and melody, and putting it back together again. I’ve made this software mock up so you can hear somewhat how the piece sounds when put together. It definitely will be very different when performed live as the synthetic sounds will be replaced with the South Iceland Chamber Choir.
The ‘homely’ green grass and yellow golden dunes of Langaholt Beach with its far seascapes has been the source of this work.



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