IMAGIRO #3 stages of development

IMAGIRO - painting panoramic score - Jobina Tinnemans

‘IMAGIRO’ is a composition for ensemble and panoramic score, unfolding its music from a single landscape size movement into a sound sculpture like origami, whilst pacing the musicians through the concert space in a slow-motion ceremonial choreography of imaginary Olympian sprinters.

For those interested, let me talk you through the many various stages of creating this work. I guess because it’s just as much part of the composition as the music itself. 

At the bottom of photo below is the initial ink and brush sketch. An idea I have been playing with for a considerable amount of time with my own interpretation of Chinese traditional scrolls and after a snowy visit to Iceland. Experiencing the music in a landscape, a wide kinetic scenery of sound. This initial sketch features the concept of a panoramic score, having the musicians read their parts while walking along the score.

In the sketchbook on the right I calculated how many steps would fit in the dimensions of the concert space resulting in how many minutes of music. And how to engineer the order of the panoramic score in such way it would result in a standalone piece of music rather than a concept only.

Not shown in photo is the following stage where I had to forget about all these parameters and write music from a spiritual place in my mind – ‘feeling free’, right?! – within this extremely specified dogma.


Which, in the top of the picture, I translated into a tangible ‘IMAGIRO’ sheet music version. This communicates the music, but not the sound kinetics, choreography and visual aspects of this piece.

On the large sheets of graph paper I’ve been charting out the graphic panoramic score step by step to get a grip on the technique of notating this work to how I envision it to be when finished.

Photo at the bottom shows how I’m getting closer to the final graphic panoramic score, by painting the sound pitches and textures on model scale.

I’m like a fish in water. Or a duck in a pond. Totally loving this entire process.


‘IMAGIRO’ has been commissioned for ensemble Synaesthesis by LKS in partnership with AiR Krems and Sound And Music. during the DAR residency in Druskininkai, Lithuania. The work will be premiered in Vilnius on August 14, 2017.



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