Listen to Imagiro Largo music here


Rugged wild landscapes with their hills and mountains read like music to me. The Icelandic use the work ‘fjallasyn’ to describe a distant view, especially in clear weather and from a point where you can see a big part of a highland area – a panorama with many peaks.

There are two IMAGIRO works (this is IMAGIRO LARGO):

‘Imagiro Landmannalaugar’, which Youtube video you can watch here, is titled after the wide Icelandic mountainous scenic views, the fjallasyn, it was inspired by. It’s performed by its 24 metres long #panoramicscore. This work is like a roam through the wilderness.

‘Imagiro Largo‘ works the same, by graphic panoramic score, but also as traditional sheet music. Read more about it on my blog. It would take an entire production team a week to set it up as a panoramic concert, as such it was premiered using the score. ‘Imagiro Largo’ is more akin to a landscape garden, planned and cultivated with mathematical precision.

Première concerts were performed by Ensemble Synaesthesis in the Arts Printing House, Vilnius, on August 14. Recorded and mixed by Vytautas Bedalis. Mastered by Jobina Tinnemans. Photo by Dominykas Digimas.

IMAGIRO ‘Landmannalaugar’ and ‘Largo’ are commissioned by the Lithuanian Composers’ Union and Sound And Music UK and produced during the DAR Residency in Druskininkai, LT.



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