PRSF The Composers’ Fund Award

I’m very honoured to announce that I’ve received the highly competitive and prestigious PRSF The Composers’ Fund recognition for my work.

The award will be used for spending time in my studio working on a release, on continuing the panoramic score compositions and my series of rethinking sheet music.

Also included is a new work for the much hailed Nordic Affect ensemble which will premiere at Mengi in Reykjavík on May 24. In remembrance of Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nordic Affect will perform his piece ‘A wheel slowly, rolling out of itself’ which he wrote for the ensemble’s US tour in 2017 on the same night. It is going to be a very special tribute, do come if you’re around.



Members of Kammerkór Sudurlands, Iceland, performing for the ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’ choral works. Photo Jakob Tekiela, art direction Jobina Tinnemans

Ensembles, musicians, promoters, curators, labels, companies – if you feel you would like to join the excitement for a collaboration, a performance or booking of works feel welcome to get in touch!



Working on ‘IMAGIRO Landmannalaugar’



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