Next Panoramic Score piece, Sept 22


I’m extremely thrilled to introduce to you my next gigantic Panoramic Score production. This time situated on an incredible on-location setting at the Fort Process Festival in Newhaven, UK. Photos below show the buildings and structures where I’m going to compose the panoramic scores for. The sheet music will wrap itself through the spaces. The echoing sound qualities of the tunnel are mind blowing beautiful.

More updates in next newsletter, but this festival has very limited tickets, so book now to avoid disappointment. Check out the rest of the programme! It’s an experimental sound and art festival not to be missed.

Fort Process Tickets & info.




Lost Property presents Fort Process – a one day sound art and music event that utilises the extraordinary resonant spaces of Newhaven Fort. This third edition of the festival will feature performances, installations, talks, workshops and live art, and is part of an extended season that runs from July to October with events at De La Warr Pavilion, Cafe Oto and ACCA.





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