Fort Process festival, a production by the Lost Property arts collective, commissioned me for a new panoramic score composition, after last year’s IMAGIRO Landmannalaugar.

Central / Caponier

are the titles of the two on-location panoramic scores I created for the Fort Process Festival, named after the locations they are situated in – the Central Gun Placement and the Caponier Tunnel of Fort Newhaven, East-Sussex, UK. Last Saturday, Sept 22, these pieces premiered.

Here are a few impressions.

Maria Marzaioli prepping the 42 meter long #panoramicscore #graphicscore ‘Central’ at Fort Process. #Hyperanalog looping in the central gun placement of Fort Newhaven. #inkandbrush #landscape size #composition.  Photos by Agata Urbaniak.

Jobina Tinnemans - prepping 'Central' - photo Agata Urbaniak





Performing violinist Kev Nickells lending a hand and trying to make sense out of my slightly garbled instructions by means of random vocalisations and pointing at things.



Agata Urbaniak made some great photos of the Fort Process festival, last Saturday. This is a photo of ‘Caponier’ #panoramicscore #graphicscore. It wraps around the corner. Approximately 28 metres long.

Jobina Tinnemans - 'Caponier' - photo Agata Urbaniak






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