Thursday Feb14, Valentine’s Day, Fell&Sylt – Korzo Den Haag

After premieres in Iceland and UK, the Herz Ensemble performed the Dutch premieres of Fell & Syltin Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJAmsterdam, last Wednesday, February 7. It has been a successful sold out first concert night of the X Gen X programme curated by Kate Moore.

Missed it?

The next opportunity to hear this fearless programme of works is in the Korzo Theatre Den Haag, on Valentine’s Day, February 14.  Programme starts at 20:30. More info and tickets, Facebook event

It’s a special Herz arrangement of these two works, featuring percussive knettersnoep candy rain and breaking ice sheets, I’ll be looking forward to sharing a recording with you in a future update!

‘Fell’, with my head in the mountains, elevates you in altitude and spirit with a dazzling richness of strings that peculiarly sound like a baroque hip hop.

‘Sylt’, with my body in the sea, carries you in a sensual drift of warm water, hypnotised by the gentle brush strokes of granulated layers of silty sediment running over your skin…

#heartbeat #poprocks #knettersnoep #rain #wind #nature #landscapes #hotstreams #breakingice #icesheets #whales #nature #landscapes




PRS Foundation #composersfund supported the creation of this work.




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