Apartment House and Paper, London

Turner Piece - artwork -JobinaTinnemans-wp

In 2014 Apartment House, passionate advocates of all that is best in experimental and avant-garde music, commissioned Jobina Tinnemans for a set of new works for a concert in Cafe Oto, London.

In the Turner Piece triptych Tinnemans turns the page, opening a new chapter in her life, from gritty urban squats in the Netherlands to the far horizons and breathtaking natural surroundings of her new home in rural Wales.

Two movements of the triptych, Turner Piece and Metro, are for ensemble and page turning. A third movement, Apartment House (Building Stories), is for ensemble, soprano and drum machine (see Publishing).

Turner Piece (2015) / Metro (2015)

In these works the act of page turning becomes an instrument. The delicate rustling sounds of paper sheet music being precisely turned is the composition.

The page turning parts are composed in tandem with the instrument parts, the performing musician playing two instruments simultaneously. Page Turning scores are handmade and each has its specific paper rustling sound.

Works featuring the act of page turning as an instrument are Sheet Music (2013), Turner Piece (2015), Metro (2015), Page Turner Étude Nº1-3 (2017) and Turner Piece for Orchestra (2020) (see Publishing).