Folk Stories Native Soundscapes

Earlier this year I was in Helsinki for an M-cult commission about folk stories and their native soundscapes. It’s part of a larger project I’m working on in collaboration with several universities throughout Europe mapping this out per region. Sounds and Stories Live concert was for storytelling and manipulated fieldrecordings, performed by means of prepared knitting needles, as knitting and storytelling go hand in hand through centuries. The M-cult team made a wonderful project interview about it. #soundsandstorieslive

Jobina Tinnemans – Sounds and Stories Live from m-cult on Vimeo.




Electric Poetry ‘Varesotto [Hinterland of Varese]’

Eindhoven friends, ‘Electric Poetry’ celebrates 60 years of electronica in art since Poème Électronique in the Philips Pavillion in Paris in 1958. The exhibition opens on December 15. If you’re around go check it out! Official opening on Sunday!

Sheer coincidence it marks my tenth anniversary of moving to the UK on December 15, 2007. For personal reasons I’ve never done anything in the Lowlands in this time, but very recently all has come to a conclusion and I’m very honoured to be making part of this exhibition with the piece ‘Varesotto [Hinterland of Varese]’. Thank you Rene Pare.

Albert Van Abbehuis – Electric Poetry Exhibition




British Music Collection online graphic score exhibition

IMAGIRO are giant graphic scores in a hand-painted ink and brush graphic notation I called ‘panoramic score’, which paces the sound through a wide landscape sized movement. Unfolding its multi-timbral music from a single gesture only like origami unfolds from a single sheet of paper.

IMAGIRO - making of - still - JobinaTinnemans - by JenFearnley 17.jpg

photo Jen Fearnley

For the 50th anniversary of the British Music Collection Jacob Thompsen-Bell curated an online exhibition about graphic scores, featuring IMAGIRO, released on October 2nd.

It’s here British Music Collection Online Graphic Score exhibition