Spring is Springing! April newsletter

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Hope this email finds you well

Busy times in my studio, dear friends. There are some amazing people out there who believe in my work and recently have awarded me with trusted support to transform the extensive body of works I’ve composed lately into studio releases.

Over the last three years I’ve been humbled by an exceptional amount of commissions which brought me to working across many disciplines and techniques, in spaces and sizes. The majority of these compositions have been on-location or site specific.

In upcoming months I’m incredibly looking forward to be arranging several pieces into shareable media and publications. The releases will feature some favourites…


…such as the #panoramicscores, mixing graphic scores with conventional notation, movement of sound and choreography

…music for #pageturners extending on the idea of #sheetmusic


…and the use of #strings to define time rather than pitch


Not all of them will be easy to curb inside a studio or onto a recording!

If you would like to follow the development process of the releases, please subscribe to my social media channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or WordPress

Have a great day! – and remember that if circumstance is not helping, you can always pat yourself on the back for being awesome or say something nice to whomever you’ll meet X

Jobina Tinnemans





Feb15 > March15 concert date change!

FROM THIS FRIDAY, FEB 15, TO MARCH 15 – also a Friday!
Hope to see you there X

Brighton Arts Lab: Lost Property Arts Collective concert night at Phoenix Gallery, Brighton.

Jobina Tinnemans takes you to the Hinterland of electronics. Like a sonic Bob Ross she will take you to a scenery of digitised wildlife, pastorale parameters and overgrown pockets of rustic returns. “And what is that there in the distance – can you hear it, too? Yes dear friend, that’s electric poetry right there. Let me paint it for you.”

Jobina will be performing ‘Varesotto’ and ’The Shape Of Life Aquatic’ for sound processing, a trip to the countryside and holding breath. As special guests a flock of Icelandic singers will be landing in our sound world in the shape of her custom-designed virtual instruments.

Bring your swimming costumes and free diving skills, my friends!

Programme starts at 19:30.
Info and ticketsFacebook event link