CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects 2

Gramophone horn designs have taken over the table. I’m in good company. As these things do, they get their own life and you are merely a humble servant in enabling them to see the daylight, grow up and become independent. Brainchildren. The papers I’m working with are a heavy quality dating from a ’50s samplerContinue reading “CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects 2”

Soundtrack to Anne-Mie Melis’ Flora commission

‘A New Niche For Nature’ is going to be Anne-Mie Melis’ exhibition in Oriel Myrddin in Carmarthen running from 6 August – 15 October 2016. Her work has been commissioned by Oriel Davies’ Flora project. I met Annie-Mie first when we both were commissioned to create work for Rhôd in Melin Drefach in 2012. Last year she got back inContinue reading “Soundtrack to Anne-Mie Melis’ Flora commission”

CASW Sound Objects

Work in progress of the sound objects I’m making for the CASW award. I’m trying to capture the atmosphere of the Stanley Lewis artefacts in the Museum’s archive, because it reminds me of the things that were always there in my childhood, too, laying about in my dad’s workshops in the cellar of our house. RecycledContinue reading “CASW Sound Objects”

CASW Award Narberth Museum

I’m in the storage rooms of the Narberth Museum for a new Contemporary Arts Society Wales commission together with Linda Norris, Sian Lester and Riitta Sinkkonen Davies. This is the Mr. Stanley Lewis archive, who ran a radio shop in Narberth in the 1940-50s and to my utter amazement he made part of the pioneering synthesiser developmentContinue reading “CASW Award Narberth Museum”

Oramics behind-the-scenes docu

Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Nick Street and Jen Fearnley. A documentary following the co-curation of the ‘Oramics to Electronica’ exhibition at The Science Museum in London. The exhibition centres around Daphne Oram’s legendary Oramics Machine.

PRS captures Oramics opening

” M went along (to the Science Museum London) yesterday to film the technicians as they installed the primitive synthesizer, and meet some of the musicians involved in the project…” in the featured video PRSF’s Anita Awbi had a little chat with me as co-curator to this exhibition – photo Andy Wheddon

Daphne Oram in the Science Museum London

 here’s the whole article: together with a team of twelve electronics geeks, in all kinds of specialist fields, and the Science Museum London, we’re setting up an exhibition to show and honour Daphne Oram’s fantastic sonic work and her ingenious Oramics Machine in next few weeks. All info here