Electric Poetry ‘Varesotto [Hinterland of Varese]’

Eindhoven friends, ‘Electric Poetry’ celebrates 60 years of electronica in art since Poème Électronique in the Philips Pavillion in Paris in 1958. The exhibition opens on December 15. Première on Sunday!

Sheer coincidence it marks my tenth anniversary of moving to the UK on December 15, 2007. For personal reasons I’ve never done anything in the Lowlands in this time, but very recently all has come to a conclusion and I’m very honoured to be marking it by this piece ‘Varesotto [Hinterland of Varese]’. Thank you Rene Pare.

Albert Van Abbehuis – Electric Poetry Exhibition




Folk Stories Native Soundscapes

Earlier this year I was in Helsinki for an M-cult commission about folk stories and their native soundscapes. It’s part of a larger project I’m working on in collaboration with several universities throughout Europe mapping this out per region. Sounds and Stories Live concert was for storytelling and manipulated fieldrecordings, performed by means of prepared knitting needles, as knitting and storytelling go hand in hand through centuries. The M-cult team made a wonderful project interview about it. #soundsandstorieslive

Jobina Tinnemans – Sounds and Stories Live from m-cult on Vimeo.




Narberth Museum CASW exhibition


Narberth Museum commissioned Linda Norris, Sian Lester, Riitta Sinkkonen Davies and me to create works as a result of the museum’s CASW award. On July 15 the exhibition opening will take place in Narberth Museum, Pembrokeshire, Wales. If you are around please come and join us.





CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects 2

Gramophone horn designs have taken over the table. I’m in good company. As these things do, they get their own life and you are merely a humble servant in enabling them to see the daylight, grow up and become independent. Brainchildren.

CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects - Jobina Tinnemans 4

The papers I’m working with are a heavy quality dating from a ’50s sampler box someone gave to me when I was studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Two lifetimes ago. The paper tape is from when I studied Fashion at the Amsterdam Rietveld. When it dries it keeps its shape. We used to copy dressmaker dummies with it, much cheaper than buying one.

CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects - Jobina Tinnemans 1

The horns for ‘Ghosting the Looms’ and ‘Ghosting the Inventor’. I like how the colour turns gradually darker in the middle.

CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects - Jobina Tinnemans 2

Soldering the intel in an unorthodox way. Best way of soldering is crude soldering. Don’t tell my dad.

CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects - Jobina Tinnemans 6


CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects - Jobina Tinnemans 3

The insides or essence has colour. The outsides are faded. Showing off the guts.

CASW Narberth Museum Sound Objects - Jobina Tinnemans 7





Soundtrack to Anne-Mie Melis’ Flora commission

‘A New Niche For Nature’ is going to be Anne-Mie Melis’ exhibition in Oriel Myrddin in Carmarthen running from 6 August – 15 October 2016. Her work has been commissioned by Oriel Davies’ Flora project.

I met Annie-Mie first when we both were commissioned to create work for Rhôd in Melin Drefach in 2012. Last year she got back in touch whether I would like to perform on the opening of her exhibition in Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan. It was great to experience how my improvisations with piano, paper and fx processing fitted with her manipulated flora.

Melis is working on all new work for her ‘A New Niche For Nature’ exhibition and I’m honoured she approached me once more, this time to compose a soundtrack to her work which will be available to listen to on headphones during the exhibition.

I will be performing live at the opening in Oriel Myrddin on Friday the 5th of August.

Anne-Mie Melis

Drawing by Anne-Mie Melis


CASW Sound Objects

Work in progress of the sound objects I’m making for the CASW award. I’m trying to capture the atmosphere of the Stanley Lewis artefacts in the Museum’s archive, because it reminds me of the things that were always there in my childhood, too, laying about in my dad’s workshops in the cellar of our house. Recycled switches, dusty electrical cables. I’ve painted a few wooden boxes with many layers of paint as a measure of time. And gramophone horns caught my attention. Beautiful things. Below I’ve been trying out several pattern designs in paper.

CASW - Jobina Tinnemans 1


CASW - Jobina Tinnemans 2

And a spot of anarchistic soldering.

CASW - Jobina Tinnemans 3




CASW Award Narberth Museum

I’m in the storage rooms of the Narberth Museum for a new Contemporary Arts Society Wales commission together with Linda NorrisSian Lester and Riitta Sinkkonen Davies.

CASW Narberth Museum - Proposal Jobina Tinnemans..2

This is the Mr. Stanley Lewis archive, who ran a radio shop in Narberth in the 1940-50s and to my utter amazement he made part of the pioneering synthesiser development of the age, using the radio valves from his shop stock. I need to chase up this story, as there are some interesting ingredients to it.

CASW Narberth Museum - Proposal Jobina Tinnemans..9

I’m invited to create something with Sound inspired by the Narberth Museum’s collection and figured it would be a shame to present something coming from a screen or a speaker – I’d prefer a tactile element to it. In the Lewis archive there are many boxes of recycled switches Lewis’ thought might become useful.

CASW Narberth Museum - Proposal Jobina Tinnemans..6

Some of Mr. Lewis’ archive boxes resemble very much boxes I have at home…. I actually have a similar cardboard box full of knobs and switches with a similar ‘exit’ sign from a redundant Berlin tram of years ago. I’m sure some of these tactile chunky switches might get a place in the work. Also in the archive there are metal boxes filled to the brim with glass tube valves – just beautiful objects in themselves.

CASW Narberth Museum - Proposal Jobina Tinnemans..1