Throwing A Window Through Another Window – Icebreaker ensemble

Throwing A Window Through Another Window – my music piece that reads like a graphic novel without pictures next Fri, NOV2, at Sound Festival in Aberdeen – BBC Radio 3 Hear And Now will broadcast the @Icebreaker ensemble concert. This is scene ‘N’ #storyboard #absurdist #nongraphicnovel . . .

New works ‘Fell’ and ‘Sylt’

With my head in the mountains and my body in the sea! Very much looking forward to hearing my new works ‘Fell’ and Sylt’, for strings and harpsichord, performed by Nordic Affect í Mengi in Reykjavík on May 24th. I’m told it’s “a strange mix of pop, medieval and baroque music.” . Jobina Tinnemans isContinue reading “New works ‘Fell’ and ‘Sylt’”

Page Turners and how everything is connected

Here is a blog about one of my current works in progress. Most of my compositions are inter-connected and via sports, crafts and field recordings I’ve entered a sonic universe where all ingredients are formulated to such abstraction it becomes hard to recognise their origins. I thought it might be interesting to take you onContinue reading “Page Turners and how everything is connected”

Sjórinn Shanty for Choir

I do love making artwork for my #music if I get the chance. #sjórinn #shantyfor #choir with a #seafarers #seashanty work rhythm. #reykjavik #hull#composer #composition #storytelling #faded #ink #stamps and #scribbly #fonts . .

Listen to Imagiro Largo music here

. Rugged wild landscapes with their hills and mountains read like music to me. The Icelandic use the work ‘fjallasyn’ to describe a distant view, especially in clear weather and from a point where you can see a big part of a highland area – a panorama with many peaks. There are two IMAGIRO worksContinue reading “Listen to Imagiro Largo music here”


I’m extremely proud to present this video to you – thank you Ensemble Synaesthesis for the spellbinding performance! Rugged wild landscapes with their hills and mountains read like music to me. The Icelandic use the work ‘fjallasyn’ to describe a distant view, especially in clear weather and from a point where you can see aContinue reading “Watch IMAGIRO LANDMANNALAUGAR here”

IMAGIRO premieres were sensational!

 . Happy about how #IMAGIRO ‘Largo’ and ‘Landmannalaugar’ worked out. If I get the chance will be writing more in this line. It has been such a physical, intuitive and ungiving mathematical process, a very interesting challenge to match these contrasting qualities. Thank you so much for commissioning Egidija Medeksaite, the Lithuanian Composers Union and Sound and Music and Contemporary Music EnsembleContinue reading “IMAGIRO premieres were sensational!”

IMAGIRO premiering tomorrow

Hear hear! 7pm August 14 in the Black Hall of the Printing House in Vilnius. . Trying out the panoramic score in Vilnius Library during rehearsal. #IMAGIRO .  

IMAGIRO #4 ink and brush

The next stage…. First test of #panoramicscore #graphicscore. I need a bigger brush. Another few metres to go #IMAGIRO @soundandmusic #DARresidency #newmusic — jobinatinnemans (@jobinatinnemans) August 6, 2017 ..

IMAGIRO #3 stages of development

‘IMAGIRO’ is a composition for ensemble and panoramic score, unfolding its music from a single landscape size movement into a sound sculpture like origami, whilst pacing the musicians through the concert space in a slow-motion ceremonial choreography of imaginary Olympian sprinters. For those interested, let me talk you through the many various stages of creating this work. I guessContinue reading “IMAGIRO #3 stages of development”

IMAGIRO #2 painting

I have been looking forward to painting my graphic landscape #panoramicscore for months! This is the first sketch, still a bit blocky. #IMAGIRO will be premiered by Ensemble Synaesthesis in Vilnius, Lithuania, on August 14. Commissioned for the DAR Residency, in collaboration with AiR Krems and Sound And Music. . .

‘IMAGIRO’ #1 doing the maths

Full of beans finishing my new piece #IMAGIRO. A #panoramicscore! So excited and full of wonder how this is going work visually. Unfolding music and players through the concert space in a time-lapse rally. In theory it works really simple… #brainworkout #Vilnius #premiere14aug #ensembleSynaesthesis . .

Eleonor Sandresky turning pages in Cafe OTO

This Monday in Cafe OTO! Fab concert featuring a few of my works as well. Renowned experimental New York composer Eleonor Sandresky will be playing on piano, Ebow and electronics. A long-time Philip Glass colleague and member of the Downtown music scene since late eighties, brings a taste of this experience to Cafe OTO inContinue reading “Eleonor Sandresky turning pages in Cafe OTO”

Writing page turners!

Next week! Cafe OTO! This! I’m in full preparation while I should be promoting this wonderful concert. I’m printing out my sheet études on the finest rustling tissue paper. Mmmmmm. Rustling. #PageTurnerétudes #PaperPiano#CafeOTOJuly3 The Page Turners for solo piano are a continuation of Turner Piece for the Apartment House commission. Cafe OTO link and tickets Facebook event linkContinue reading “Writing page turners!”

DAR Lithuania commission

Rugged wild landscapes with their hills and mountains read like music to me. The Icelandic use the work ‘fjallasyn’ to describe a distant view, especially in clear weather and from a point where you can see a big part of a highland area – a panorama with many peaks.  Last year I spent quite someContinue reading “DAR Lithuania commission”

Philip Glass’ tribute concert Cafe OTO July 3

I’m extremely honoured to be inviting you to following Philip Glass’ tribute concert. The programme is curated around 21st Ct Études which explore the idea of étude beyond technique and includes new works of mine. Feel welcome to share. ” Composer/choreographic pianist Eleonor Sandresky will be performing a concert tribute to Philip Glass in celebration of his 80th birthdayContinue reading “Philip Glass’ tribute concert Cafe OTO July 3”

April LIVE dates

‘Jobina Tinnemans as BLATNOVA’ establishes a magical biotope where acoustic ecology, science fiction, minimalism, sound processing and songwriting can coexist peacefully next to each other. From this recipe Jobina cooks up a weird alchemy: while you’re listening you will discover a little door in the speakers of your soundsystem. You pass and enter a new universe.’ AprilContinue reading “April LIVE dates”

Performing at John Grant’s music festival Hull’17

Very delighted to announce I’ll be performing solo at a very special event, organised for the arts festivities around Hull UK City of Culture ’17. John Grant’s Atlantic Flux: Sounds from the Smoky Bay is a 4-day music festival and I’ll be playing on April 29th. More details to follow.

Reflections over Verisimilitude, Hull UK City of Culture edition

My Moving Classics Kammerkor Sudurlands Iceland commission titled ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’ is going to be performed at John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux: Sounds from Smoky Bay in Hull city centre during the early May bank holiday, last weekend of April. We will be working with local Hull singers. Each singer wears a microphone that picks up their voice byContinue reading “Reflections over Verisimilitude, Hull UK City of Culture edition”

Cycle Festival Iceland concert videos

Filmmaker Brian FitzGibbon has documented my newest work ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’ concert in wonderful videos which are now available on my Youtube channel. The concert visuals are by Jacob Tekiela. Embedded below is the second work of the concert. Performed by the South Iceland Chamber Choir, directed by Hilmar Örn Agnarsson, at the Cycle Festival for MusicContinue reading “Cycle Festival Iceland concert videos”


Next week Saturday, Cycle Festival, Iceland will feature a performance of a collection of six new works of mine titled ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’. The South Iceland Chamber Choir will be singing alongside their own echoes diffused over multiple speakers and their filmed counterparts in various fictional landscapes. These echoes navigate through space, history and fiction. Ááááááááá It beginsContinue reading “Á – SKETCHING OUT ‘REFLECTIONS OVER VERISIMILITUDE’ #5”