‘DR.NAUT’ a sonic comic



sound art, documentary, music and fiction experience in 5 acts

‘DR.NAUT’ intro theme

After a research abroad, Dr. Naut has returned to Earth
as a different person. But is she now stuck after
her infinite exploration? Watch her discover another new
world – in this SF sonic comic

First broadcast was in June 2008 and VPRO presenter Alberts called it a ‘World Premiere’, something the creator thought him to be funny. Yet, since then, ‘DR.NAUT’ has been distributed by NAISA in Toronto through radiostations in Canada and North-America and was aired by ABC Australia.


‘DR.NAUT’ preview

‘DR.NAUT’ has got many illustrative sounds defining spaces, camera angles, context, material, graphical cut. The absurd interruption being scene 3 echoes a burlesque advertisement or a sidekick strip. All this made Tinnemans to call it ‘audible comic book’ or ‘sonic comic’.

Techies: the theme song is mainly composed on ARP 2500 and the sounds from the Laboratory, in scene 2, are by the ARP as well as the EMS VCS3.

ISCM World New Music Days 2010ABC-Australian_Broadcasting.

DR.NAUT on ABC Radio

“New Music Up Late”, re-listen now online at


from about 1hr 14min and on “Night Air”



“DR.NAUT”  (28 min. 21)

CD with Scenario Booklet (BLA05)

£12 + £2.30, order by PayPal

DR.NAUT shop button



The BLATNOVA song “Satellite” is featured in this sonic comic

more at www.BLATNOVA.co.uk


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6 thoughts on “‘DR.NAUT’ a sonic comic

  1. Hi Jobina Tinnemans,

    Dr.Naut is great, it’s amazing, I am not finished with it yet, listened to it once, but will need a few more times to absorb all the details. I am so glad I found this. It’s genius! Honoured to have a look in your brain. Thanks thanks thanks.

  2. I have recently started working on a next one, the first few storyline ideas.

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