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Five Thoughts on Everything

Five track album by Jobina Tinnemans

where: any of your preferred platforms

label: Bright Shiny Things

“It’s a disc to die for, in which Tinnemans’ universe – and ours – is described with ethereal beauty from end to end.” – Raul Da Gama in The Whole Note

“…perched somewhere between seriously entertaining and entertainingly seriousTinnemans organizes her music so that the two sides acknowledge their togetherness gracefully, without ever crossing into each other’s sphere.” — Philip Clark in THE WIRE

a fine, succinct, gently intelligent collection of compositions, visiting plenty of stops on electronic music’s map, but resolutely settling a town all of its own.– Kev Nickells in FREQ, read full review

“Such a gorgeous album – a pleasure to share it” – Sara Mohr Pietsch on Night Tracks, BBC RADIO 3

“Yet while the material offered is purely aural, the five adventurous pieces, world premieres all, are hardly wanting for boldness.” – in TEXTURA, read full review

“…the firm hand Tinnemans keeps on the tiller as she pulls you through nearly uncharted territories, following tributaries from the 20th century’s avant garde to their natural conclusions.” – in ANEARFUL, read full review

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