Chat/off/course Venice Biannual 2000

Chat / Off / Course

commissioned by NL-Architects/NAI for the Rietveld Pavilion during the Venice Biannual 2000.

NL-Architects were the art directors of the Dutch pavilion ’00 and approached me to adapt an earlier version of my independent sound art installation to fit in their Biannual concept. This was my first commission straight after finishing Design Academy with Distinction (!).

Once I was sitting in the waiting room of my dentist, with a few more people, and all of us were listening anxiously to the squealing drill sounds coming from the room next door. I thought of a way of breaking the ice to talk to strangers sitting on the chairs, by filling the chairs that weren’t taken by people of an online chatroom. Mapping a virtual chatroom over a realtime waiting room.

This mapping over two realities creates many layers of poetry – in words and situational.


Chat/Off/Course - Jobina Tinnemans

Digital documentation of this piece have been lost in a flooding.

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