Intense Colour

A multi media composition about the poetry between colour and sound. Commissioned by Blinc Festival, Conwy, 2012. In collaboration with Craig Morrison.

(NB: the sound of the first colour Dark Red might not be audible on a laptop or device due to it’s low frequency)

“If a colour can have a sound and I hear this sound, will I see the colour when I shut my eyes?”

Imagine a room drenched in one colour and you’re sitting in it. It’s of a certain mood, this colour.
The sound orchestrated to a colour in this film tries to express this mood. You can wrap yourself in it.

Colour and Sound experience is beyond definition. All information you’ll see and hear in the composition is about the same thing, the colour, identified by Pantone and web colour numbers, narrated in Welsh and English poetry. Many ways of transcoding.

“Mandarin flutes blast flames through the scorched firmament” / “Haf hirfelyn, sudd lemonau yn suo syched”

the entire ‘Intense Colour’ piece is beautifully explained and on show on the Arts Council/BBC’s ‘The Space’ site.

Blinc-Intense-Colour-Movement THE SPACE

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