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Media content for music video proposal


Music / Artistic Director – Jobina Tinnemans

Choreography – CMDC, directed by Homer Hans Bryant

Video direction / Camera – Jen Fearnley


Music example for the proposed video

Belter [Worktitle] – work in progress piano example – to be arranged for ensemble by May 3, 2019 and revised for choreography in collaboration with Homer Hans Bryant/ CMDC

The initial work title of ‘Belter’ is inspired by the Netflix series ‘The Expanse’ – in this series Belter is the language spoken by a community that lives in the Belt. The writers of the series employed a linguistic artist to create an actual entire new language that the actors had to learn, which reminds of many languages spoken all over the globe, but is in fact none, it’s a new one. I feel my music combined with the hiplet dancing will have a similar dynamic in that it reminds of many styles, but in fact is none, it’s a style in it’s own right. There might be sensitive reasons why this title would not be suitable. Since this project concerns a collaboration, I’d prefer to title it in mutual agreement.


About CMDC hiplet dancing

“…In classical ballet you’re trying to embody more of a fairy mentality, with hiplet it’s more of an empowered feminist perspective.”


“…Here you have some kids of colour with strong classical ballet training and a lot of street funk.”


About Jen Fearnley – music video director

Jen Fearnley is an award-winning filmmaker who brings her honed storytelling skills to a wide spectrum of productions. From fashion to documentary, whether shooting or directing, Jen is committed to combining strong human stories with beautiful creative vision and a real sense of integrity.

Born in Australia and based in London, with an MA from Goldsmiths and a background in fine art and community organising around social justice issues, she has made documentaries around the world. Her films have followed young LGBTQ refugees in Kenya, street hawkers in Nigeria, female doctors breaking taboos in Somaliland and a hundred year old woman facing end of life choices in London. As a freelance director she has made films for clients such as the Science Museum, The Tate, Barbican, Nike, and Sony.

She is also a co-founder of Sheffield Fringe, an artist-led curatorial project dedicated to exploring the intersection between art and documentary practices through screenings, talks, exhibitions and research, and more recently The Tram House, an emerging collective platform for filmmakers, musicians and artists who thrive on creating visual projects together.

You can see a selection of her work here:

JENCAMERA 2019.jpeg