Panoramic score, Vilnius


Lithuanian contemporary ensemble Synaesthesis in collaboration with the Lithuanian Composers Union’s DAR scheme, directed by Egidija Medeksaite, commissioned Jobina Tinnemans for a new work to be premiered in the Arts Printing House in Vilnius.

Two works were made: the first, IMAGIRO Largo, was developed over the months leading up to the premiere; the second, IMAGIRO Landmannalaugar, was created on location in Druskininkai, Lithuania (see Publishing).

Panoramic Scores

Tinnemans reimagines sheet music as sculptural, developing panoramic scores – metres-wide performative notations – to liberate music from the page: soundscapes bound by space rather than time.

From a single movement, a single graphic line, harmonies unfold, like origami. Sounds drift through a space, fading in and out of earshot; at the same time a choreography unfolds as the performing musicians move through the space realising their parts. As in a landscape, or a soundscape, everything can be read in any direction.

Panoramic scored works are: IMAGIRO Largo (2016), IMAGIRO Landmannalugar (2016), Garn Fawr (2017), Central (2017), Caponier (2017) (see Publishing).

Video of the premiere performance of IMAGIRO Landmannalugar by ensemble Syneasthesis