M-Cult Helsinki

Finnish arts organisation M-Cult commissioned Tinnemans for a new participatory work with prepared knitting needles after seeing the MATA Festival concert Killing Time for the opening of the new Maunula-talo building in Helsinki.

Sounds and Stories

Sounds and Stories (2018)

for locally sourced field instruments, prepared knitting needles and storyteller

Together with the Finnish arts organisation M-Cult and Rune folklore singer Ilona Korhonen a further work with knitting performers and field instruments, called ‘Sounds and Stories‘, was developed and performed for the opening event of the Maunula-talo in Helsinki.

Five performing knitters and singer Ilona Korhonen, with Jobina Tinnemans live sound processing, performing in Maunula-talo.

During the production of this participatory community concert I sourced all the sounds I needed from the local area around the Maunula house and program them into field instruments.

Devising the prepared knitting needles, the performing knitters would generate the live sound design, or sound track, to the story, an origin story of the Kantele zither, Ilona was singing in the old Finnish language called Rune.

M-Cult short documentary about the development of Sounds and Stories

commission a Sounds and Stories projectemail

Field instruments

Field instruments are software instruments made from field recordings that are programmed in such a way they function similar to a natural sound, they are not a static ‘phrase’ or ‘tape loop’. The tree will keep rustling, the same, while always slightly different. The blackbird will keep singing, or not, as they do. The wind will keep its mercurial texture.

Due to the nature of the programming of these field instruments they don’t perform on a standard keyboard. Dedicated hardware is designed to play the field instrument for recording purposes of the composition or its live performance.

Music for Non-Musicians

The prepared knitting needles are a non-musical participatory aspect of the work. Music for Non-Musicians are mixed discipline works incorporating techniques to create sounds or rhythms as a bi-product of the action that cause them, such as a queue of gymnasts doing their run-jump-crashmat-landing drill. The activities themselves aren’t necessarily about sound and can be produced by anyone from within this discipline. These parts are a source of formulated randomness.

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