‘IMAGIRO’ is a composition for ensemble and panoramic score, unfolding its music from a single landscape size movement into a sound sculpture like origami, whilst pacing the musicians through the concert space in a slow-motion ceremonial choreography of imaginary Olympian sprinters.

For those interested, let me talk you through the many various stages of creating this work. I guess because it’s just as much part of the composition as the music itself. 

At the bottom of photo below is the initial ink and brush sketch. An idea I have been playing with for a considerable amount of time with my own interpretation of Chinese traditional scrolls and after a snowy visit to Iceland. Experiencing the music in a landscape, a wide kinetic scenery of sound. This initial sketch features the concept of a panoramic score, having the musicians read their parts while walking along the score.

In the sketchbook on the right I calculated how many steps would fit in the dimensions of the concert space resulting in how many minutes of music. And how to engineer the order of the panoramic score in such way it would result in a standalone piece of music rather than a concept only.

Not shown in photo is the following stage where I had to forget about all these parameters and write music from a spiritual place in my mind – ‘feeling free’, right?! – within this extremely specified dogma.


Which, in the top of the picture, I translated into a tangible ‘IMAGIRO’ sheet music version. This communicates the music, but not the sound kinetics, choreography and visual aspects of this piece.

On the large sheets of graph paper I’ve been charting out the graphic panoramic score step by step to get a grip on the technique of notating this work to how I envision it to be when finished.

Photo at the bottom shows how I’m getting closer to the final graphic panoramic score, by painting the sound pitches and textures on model scale.

I’m like a fish in water. Or a duck in a pond. Totally loving this entire process.


‘IMAGIRO’ has been commissioned for ensemble Synaesthesis by LKS in partnership with AiR Krems and Sound And Music. during the DAR residency in Druskininkai, Lithuania. The work will be premiered in Vilnius on August 14, 2017.




I have been looking forward to painting my graphic landscape #panoramicscore for months! This is the first sketch, still a bit blocky.

#IMAGIRO will be premiered by Ensemble Synaesthesis in Vilnius, Lithuania, on August 14. Commissioned for the DAR Residency, in collaboration with AiR Krems and Sound And Music.





Full of beans finishing my new piece #IMAGIRO. A #panoramicscore! So excited and full of wonder how this is going work visually. Unfolding music and players through the concert space in a time-lapse rally. In theory it works really simple… #brainworkout #Vilnius #premiere14aug #ensembleSynaesthesis




Cafe OTO this Monday!

This fab concert coming up soon featuring a few of my works as well. Experimental New York composer Eleonor Sandresky will be playing on piano, Ebow and electronics. A long-time Glass colleague and member of the Downtown music scene since late eighties, brings a taste of this experience to Cafe OTO.



Current commissions

I’m beyond myself by excitement with the works I’m developing. Can’t wait to reveal. A delightful blend of graphic scores, visual art, concert space. A digital way of thinking applied to ancient use of paper and ink.


Cafe OTO, London – July 3rd

Vilnius, Lithuania – August 14



Philip Glass’ tribute concert Cafe OTO July 3

I’m extremely honoured to be inviting you to following Philip Glass’ tribute concert. The programme is curated around 21st Ct Études which explore the idea of étude beyond technique and includes new works of mine. Feel welcome to share.


” Composer/choreographic pianist Eleonor Sandresky will be performing a concert tribute to Philip Glass in celebration of his 80th birthday in Cafe OTO London on July 3rd. Long-time Philip Glass Ensemble member and guest musician with Glass in a number of roles, as well as festival co-founder (MATA), Eleonor counts him as one of her most important mentors.

This concert will pay tribute to his fearless innovation as an artist, his curiosity about the world and his open heart and mind. To this end, Sandresky will focus on work that fulfills this mission on the exciting forefront of new music. The concert will feature her conceptual choreographic piano and electronic work and new works by UK-based MATA alumna, Jobina Tinnemans, for piano, sound processing and paper page turns. These curated pieces, like Glass’ early work, expand the idea of what concert music is and how we experience it. ”
listen here and more here –


For this concert I’m continuing on my series of page turners by writing several études for piano and paper. The scores are handmade on various qualities of paper sheets. I’ve been posting little paper sound sketches in my sonic sketchbook.

It would be great to be seeing some of you there in three weeks time! Hopefully with a glass of wine on a balmy Summer’s evening.


#contemporaryclassical #electronics #choreography #improvisation #minimalism




Reflections Over Verisimilitude at Hull’17

Yesterday’s concert at John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux festival Hull’17 in the gorgeous City Hall! Thank you so much John Grant, Curated Place and Hull’17 for programming this. And a big thank you to the Hull Choir for your great performance! It was fabulous. Thank you all. XX



April LIVE dates

‘Jobina Tinnemans as BLATNOVA’ establishes a magical biotope where acoustic ecology, science fiction, minimalism, sound processing and songwriting can coexist peacefully next to each other. From this recipe Jobina cooks up a weird alchemy: while you’re listening you will discover a little door in the speakers of your soundsystem. You pass and enter a new universe.’


April 8 – CAM’17 Festival Cardiff, Sunflower&I  – experimental music festival curated by Gwenno Saunders, do check it out if you are in the area.

April 21 – Disconcert event, St.Paul’s Church, Worthing

April 29 – John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux: ‘Sounds from the Smoky Bay’ music festival in Hull UK Capital of Culture 2017


It’s a cross-genre programme on grand piano with electronics, field recordings and page turners on multiple speakers. I found that the best way to explain the concept to myself was by adopting the moniker ‘Jobina Tinnemans as BLATNOVA‘ inspired by etched illustrations of a Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’ version with ‘Laurence Olivier as King Henry‘ I noticed on a friend’s very nicely decorated toilet.  Noisy experimental music and delicate song writing.
…or was it the other way round?

Each concert has it’s own poster. Why? Why not.



Sunday April 30th – City Hall, 2.30pm

‘Reflections over Verisimiltude’ is for choir and electronics, with mesmerising visuals by Jacob Tekiela, staged in the City Hall which is a magnificent venue. This is going to be good!
The concert is part of John Grant’s ‘North Atlantic Flux: Sounds from the Smoky Bay’ music festival programme.

About ‘Reflections over Verisimiltude’: last year I spent much time in Iceland collaborating with the South Iceland Chamber Choir and film maker Jacob Tekiela for my Moving Classics commission, produced by Curated Place. It premiered at the Cycle Festival in Kopavógur in October last year and received great appraisal. Supported by the PRS Foundation for Music we are adding a Hull edition to this concert for the cultural celebrations which are taking place during Hull’17.

Iceland and Hull have a long seafaring history together and this edition of ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’ connects the people on both bays, as their echoes reflect over the ocean surface to each other. Voices of origin, wonder, despair, hope and love. Voices of Life.

Watch the Cycle Festival for Music and Art Iceland premiere concert here.




Performing at John Grant’s music festival Hull’17

Very delighted to announce I’ll be performing solo at a very special event, organised for the arts festivities around Hull UK City of Culture ’17.

John Grant’s Atlantic Flux: Sounds from the Smoky Bay is a 4-day music festival and I’ll be playing on April 29th. More details to follow.

JTasBLA-artworkHull-John Grant's Atlantic Flux-HULL-web

CAM Cardiff performance April 8




Icebreaker Premiere Concert

The premiere concert of Icebreaker‘s ‘System Restart’ tour went great last Wednesday! Being famous for it, the Icebreaker ensemble performed solidly with verve and emotion. It was the first time I heard all the works together, a two hour programme of immersive music. I have been attending several high profile Contemporary Classical festivals across Europe last few years with the usual demographic and here is a concert of non-pretentious, adventurous music. Music that doesn’t underestimate its own audience by faffing about in the name of concept. Music with balls. Music that takes you to places. #SystemRestartTour