British Music Collection online graphic score exhibition

IMAGIRO are giant graphic scores in a hand-painted ink and brush graphic notation I called ‘panoramic score’, which paces the sound through a wide landscape sized movement. Unfolding its multi-timbral music from a single gesture only like origami unfolds from a single sheet of paper.

IMAGIRO - making of - still - JobinaTinnemans - by JenFearnley 17.jpg

photo Jen Fearnley

For the 50th anniversary of the British Music Collection Jacob Thompsen-Bell curated an online exhibition about graphic scores, featuring IMAGIRO, released on October 2nd.

It’s here British Music Collection Online Graphic Score exhibition



Kanteleen Synty added to my playlist


Amazingly talented Rune singer and friend Ilona Korhonen is coming to the Southbank Centre for a concert on Sept 28! She’s been researching this traditional Finnish music genre for 20 years, it’s very interesting to hear her talk about it and beautiful to listen to.

Earlier this year Ilona and I collaborated in this wonderful piece ‘Kanteleen Synty’, a song about the origin of the Kanteleen instrument, in Rune lau, a traditional Finnish genre in music. Performing knitters on prepared needles and DIY interface generate the soundscape as an intrinsic sonic fabric of life made from field recordings taken in the locality of the performance venue.

Live performance on February 4, 2017, during the opening of the Maunulatalo community centre in Helsinki.

Produced by M-Cult, supported by Creative Europe. Recorded by Kalle Kuisma. Photos by Jaime Culebro.



‘Mx’ by the Icebreaker ensemble

The DNA sized world of Mx.

Together with Head and Throwing A Window Through Another Window making three works commissioned and performed by Icebreaker for their ‘System Restart’ tour, performed live at the Guildford International Music Festival, University of Surrey, March 2017.

Next ‘System Restart’ concert in King’s place, London, on October 8 – info and tickets here

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Updated website and Music page

I’m refreshing my website! New shiny template and a hopefully more entertaining About page telling a bit more about my adventures of last twenty years.

In addition to the new version every Wednesday and Friday I will embed music added on Bandcamp and Youtube to my Music page playlist for everyone to enjoy. You can choose to buy tracks you like for £1 on Bandcamp if you are able to, or donate more if you can, which will be appreciated as very welcome support to my music. Thank you!

Today I’m adding my most recent work to begin the new playlist with. Enjoy!.

Capturing the broad sound of vastness when roaming through a solitary landscape, read on#contemporaryclassical #live #performance #ensemble #panoramicscore #imagiro