Apartment House play Apartment House

Apartment House artwork - Jobina Tinnemans2


‘Apartment House (Building Stories)’  for strings, drum machine and soprano.

Looking up the face of a tall white tower block, majestically resonating in the sunshine and in your mind. Surfaces, corners, windows, lintels. Dry riser inlet, brick, plaster, brick. Fresh paint, casting shadows. A shiny new building. New future in gloss and marble. Flowers, charging buzz, cozy curtains, sofa, bed, table….

…….and half a bin bag*. That’s how I know these buildings. In their future. Redundant. Moldy, leaking, cold, dark. Uncomfortable. Up the expired inspection elevator to the top. Up on the fire escape. Up to the very top. Catching breath. Breath in and breath out.

*the rules for squatting a place in the Netherlands was that there should be a bed, table with chair and half a bin bag present.

Commissioned by Sound And Music‘s ‘Embedded’ scheme, for the Apartment House ensemble, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze. Performed by the Apartment House ensemble with soprano Lore Lixenberg.




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