Riparian Botany

Anne-Mie Melis

‘Flora Periclitatus’ (endangered flower species) – voice Anne-Mie Melis, composition Jobina Tinnemans, part of ‘Riparian Botany’


‘Riparian Botany’ (2016)

Live performance and five soundscapes from a plant’s point of view.

Anne-Mie Melis is a UK-based sculptor. For her show ‘A New Niche For Nature’ Melis commissioned me to compose soundscapes to accompany her visual art. Visitors to her exhibition in Oriel Myrddin in Camarthen, Pembrokeshire, will be able to hear the soundtrack on headphones.

‘Riparian Botany’ are a set of five soundscapes imagined from a plant’s perspective, situated at the border of dry land and water, the riparian zone. Listen to an excerpt below.

For the opening of her show Melis asked me to play a live concert of these fictional soundscapes.




Posted Aug 4, 2016

Exhibition opening and concert

I’m very much looking forward to be performing tomorrow, at 18:30 in Gallery Myrddin, Carmarthen, UK. I shall be opening an exhibition entitled ‘A New Niche for Nature‘ by sculptor Anne-Mie Melis. All welcome!

Next to opening the show Anne-Mie commissioned me to write music to co-exist with her work, as well. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view her work in silence or add an additional layer to the experience by listening on headphones to my composition for it, titled ‘Riparian Botany (music to A New Niche For Nature)’. I’ve tried to create soundscapes from a plant’s point of view.


The opening performance featuring ‘Riparian Botany’ variations will be using live piano and electronics in an ongoing and new approach of mine I bundle under the category of ‘Transparent Notations’.


Anne-Mie Melis’ work ‘A New Niche Of Nature’


Posted June 14, 2016


Anne-Mie and I had a workday to record the field content of the ‘A New Niche For Nature’ exhibition soundtrack. Turns out she has a beautiful singing voice and I recorded her singing the Latin names of extinct and rare plant species of Carmarthenshire and Wales.

Melis’ pronunciation of the Botanical Latin names in Flemish accent is just so beautiful to my ears. She sings them like a hymn. When she whispers the list, it sounds like the rustling of the leaves of the plants she’s calling. As such, we decided to speak up for the voiceless and added some recordings of her demanding a listening ear for the flora as in protest. In the photo below we are recording her voice for ‘Flora Periclitatus’, the song at the top of this page.

Anne-Mie Melis 1

Jobina Tinnemans 2Great view from the workshop, very interesting soundscape.

I had a lucky break with a combination of natural debris and a little stream which made a wonderful hydrophone recording.

Jobina Tinnemans 1

Jobina Tinnemans 3

Great textures of flora never seize to intrigue.


Posted June 9, 2016

Visual Art Exhibition Soundtrack

‘A New Niche For Nature’ is going to be Anne-Mie Melis’ exciting exhibition in Oriel Myrddin in Carmarthen running from 6 August – 15 October 2016. Her work has been commissioned by Oriel Davies’ Flora project.

I met Annie-Mie first when we both were commissioned to create work for Rhôd in Melin Drefach in 2012. Last year she got back in touch whether I would like to perform on the opening of her exhibition in Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan. It was great to experience how my improvisations with piano, paper and fx processing fitted with her manipulated flora.

Melis is working on all new work for her ‘A New Niche For Nature’ exhibition and I’m honoured she approached me once more, this time to compose a soundtrack to her work which will be available to listen to on headphones during the exhibition.

I will be doing an improvisational performance with field recordings and sound processing at the opening in Oriel Myrddin on Friday the 5th of August.


The entire project is part of the ‘Flora’ commissions by Oriel Davies.








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