DR.NAUT radiophonic featuring ARP2500




Dr.Naut (2008)

After a research abroad, Dr. Naut has returned to Earth as a different person. But is she now stuck after her boundless exploration? Watch her discover another new world – in this SciFi sonic comic

Commissioned by Worm Rotterdam and Cafe Sonore to make a radiophonic work after a residency in the CEM studio of heritage electronic instruments, the universe of Dr.Naut saw it’s light, with 5 more episodes storyboarded which haven’t been produced yet.

First broadcast on VPRO Radio in The Netherlands in June 2008, ‘DR.NAUT’ has been distributed by NAISA in Toronto through radiostations in Canada and North-America and was aired on ABC Radio Australia during the World Music Days Sydney 2010.


CEM/Worm Studio-JobinaTinnemans

‘DR.NAUT’ features recordings of the ARP2500 and EMS VCS3 amongst other heritage electronic instruments.


DR.NAUT on ABC Radio

“New Music Up Late”, re-listen now online at


from about 1hr 14min and on “Night Air”

ISCM World New Music Days 2010


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