System Restart Tour ’17


The fabulous Icebreaker ensemble commissioned me for new works to feature on their all female composers programme ‘System Restart’, touring the UK in 2017.

(taken from the Icebreaker website) “Younger composers with talent and attitude are redefining music, and foremost amongst them an ever greater number of women – and this is being celebrated in Icebreaker’s major new programme featuring music by six fantastic, free, empowered, uncategorisable women composers of the new generation.

New music by Jobina Tinnemans, whose work includes music for table tennis players and hedge shearers, You Are Wolf’s Kerry Andrew, whose output includes an opera about swimming, American Elizabeth Kelly, and Australian Kate Moore is complemented by Linda Buckley‘s exquisite, soaring Azure, plus Anna Meredith‘s Orlok and Nautilus from her surging, joyful Moshi Moshi EP’s.”

22 February, Nottingham Lakeside Arts…-restart.html
2 March, Guildford International Festival
4 March, Reading Arts, South St Arts Centre…women-composers

more dates TBA…

…follow news about additional tour dates on Twitter via @jobinatinnemans or @icebreaker_news. Or subscribe to my blog. More info and photos at #SystemRestartTour

Icebreaker posted a short preview compilation of music featuring on the System Restart concert or other works by the same composers on SoundCloud.

This project is supported by PRS for Music Foundation and the Hinrichsen Foundation.





posted 25 February 2016

The premiere concert of Icebreaker‘s ‘System Restart’ tour went great last Wednesday! Being famous for it, the Icebreaker ensemble performed solidly with verve and emotion. It was the first time I heard all the works together, a two hour programme of immersive music. I have been attending several high profile Contemporary Classical festivals across Europe last few years with the usual demographic and here is a concert of non-pretentious, adventurous music. Music that doesn’t underestimate its own audience by faffing about in the name of concept. Music with balls. Music that takes you to places. #SystemRestartTour



posted 13 February 2016

Icebreaker UK Tour commission

ICEBREAKER: “Can you write us something loud?”
ME: “Ok.”
#SystemRestartTour Starting February 22nd. Don’t miss.

Throwing a window through another window - Jobina Tinnemans.png





posted 10 February 2016


Second score down, one more to go! Boom. #SystemRestartTour
Premiere in Lakeside Arts Centre on February 22nd in Nottingham.



posted 9 February 2016


One score down, two more to go – for the Icebreaker ensemble’s #SystemRestartTour
And spell check is convincing me I’ve got my name wrong.


posted 21 November 2016

Icebreaker commission

After Iceland comes Icebreaker. A natural progression. (see what I did there?)

Today I’m starting on a new piece for the very exciting Icebreaker ensemble. You can find them here –









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