Sandresky plays Glass and Paper

Cafe OTO, London, July 3

I’m extremely honoured three works of mine are featured in this concert Eleonor Sandresky will be performing on piano and electronics.



“Composer/choreographic pianist Eleonor Sandresky will be performing a concert tribute to Philip Glass in celebration of his 80th birthday in Cafe OTO London on July 3rd. Long-time Philip Glass Ensemble member and guest musician with Glass in a number of roles, as well as festival co-founder (MATA), Eleonor counts him as one of her most important mentors.

This concert will pay tribute to his fearless innovation as an artist, his curiosity about the world and his open heart and mind. To this end, Sandresky will focus on work that fulfills this mission on the exciting forefront of new music. The concert will feature her conceptual choreographic piano and electronic work and new works by UK-based MATA alumna, Jobina Tinnemans, for piano, sound processing and paper page turns. These curated pieces, like Glass’ early work, expand the idea of what concert music is and how we experience it.”


Eleonor Sandresky plays Paget Turner Etude 3 - Jobina Tinnemans

For this concert I’m continuing on my series of page turners by writing several études for piano solo and paper. The scores are handmade on various qualities of paper sheets.
More works with paper rustling sheet music TURNER PIECE

#contemporaryclassical #electronics #choreography #improvisation #minimalism




Posted on June 26, 2017

Cafe OTO London July 3rd

Next week! This! I’m in full preparation while I should be promoting this wonderful concert. I’m printing out my sheet études on the finest rustling tissue paper. Mmmmmm. Rustling. #PageTurnerétudes #PaperPiano#CafeOTOJuly3

Eleonor Sandresky performing a great programme of concert and experimental piano music in Cafe OTO July 3rd. Check it out!

Cafe OTO link and tickets

Facebook event link






posted October 2, 2015


Today the Apartment House ensemble is going to workshop my three new works – ‘Turner Piece’, ‘Apartment House’ and ‘Metro’.

By turning the score’s pages of both ‘Turner Piece’ and ‘Metro’, the sound of paper features as an instrument. I’ve been having a great time going to an art supplies shop listening to their paper qualities.

Printing on tissue paper needs some extra attention.






posted June 15, 2015


Taking you to your childhood photo album;
to the lady in a documentary proudly illustrating her history with newspaper cutouts;
to the uncle with the exotic stamps collection.
It also sounds a bit like a sea wave.
Or like it just as it is.








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