Shakespeare and Hedgeshear



Shakepeare And Hedgeshear - ISCM WMD 2014 Wroclaw
Recorded in Theatre Lalek at the World Music Days ’14 held in Wroclaw, Poland. 


Shakespeare And Hedgeshear (2014 edition)

This composition was selected by Sound And Music to represent the UK at the ISCM, International Society for Contemporary Music, World Music Days ’14 held in Wroclaw, Poland.



‘Shakespeare Und Heckenschere’  (2007)

for two table tennis teams, three performers clipping hedges, sound processing and five manipulated Shakespeare acts …slighty SciFi of course.

Commissioned by DEGEM for the Mono@Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany, concert series. The original piece premièred in September 2007 and featured semi-analog sound processing. The 2014 version uses digital effects processing.

A work in 5 acts of abstract tonal cuts of Shakespeare’s Henry VII, Much Ado About Nothing and The Merchant Of Venice. By the extreme reverberation of the Gasometer architecture the spoken word gets lost and only the intonation remains. Moods of plotting, lightheartedness and a raging battlefield pass. The table tennis sounds generate a stochastic flow of beats, reflected back from all sides within the tubular building. The hedgeshears cutting the untrimmed hedges at first generate sparkling light accents, but turn to the sound of swords in the battle scene. All lifted in space and time by a melodic soundtrack on Casio.


Shakespeare and Hedgeshear - Gasometer Oberhausen

This 20 minutes sound composition was especially written for the Gasometer in Oberhausen Germany, an industrial heritage site, and performed in a series of 4 concerts in September 2007. Frank Niehusmann, DEGEM,  originated and organized the event MONO@Gasometer, he invited 6 composers to create a piece for the exceptional reverberation in this gigantic metal hollow tube which is the Gasometer. The architectural shape determines there’s a focal point, or sweet spot, where the sound effect is biggest. Putting a mono speaker on the sweet spot was the way of making the generated sounds and the building’s response merge together into a fantastic sonic experience.



Frank Niehusmann from DEGEM and initiator of the event introducing the concerts.



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