Apartment House and Paper

Turner Piece / Apartment House (Building Stories) / Metro (2015)

The Apartment House ensemble, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze, in collaboration with  Sound And Music‘s ‘Embedded’ scheme, commissioned me for new works for strings and mezzo-soprano Lore Lixenberg resulting in the triptych ‘Turner Piece’.


‘Turner Piece’

Monumental landscapes and their micro textures. Impressionistic distant views by Turner, with a few miniature details. The waving of a reed bed with the tiny rustling of dried flower heads. This microtonal delicateness is generated by the rustling paper sounds of turning the pages of the score.

Turner Piece



‘Apartment House (Building Stories)’

Looking up the face of a tall white tower block, majestically resonating in the sunshine and in your mind. Watching its details: corners, windows, lintels, dry riser inlet, brick, plaster, brick. Going into the shiny new building, new future in gloss and marble. Flowers, charging buzz, cozy curtains, sofa, bed, table  …….and half a bin bag*. That’s how I know these buildings. In their future. Redundant. Moldy, leaking, cold, dark. Uncomfortable. Unhappy. Up the out of date inspected elevator to the top. Up on the fire escape. To the very top. To breath. Breath in and breath out. Have a view of the world.

*the rules for squatting a place in the Netherlands was that there should be a bed, table with chair and half a bin bag present.




Sitting in a full carriage in the London underground at rush hour. No one speaks. People are reading their free newspaper. This setting is the inspiration of working with paper page turning. Its wonderful fluttering sound in the abstract geometrical phasing in and out sounds of the metro. Some read casually, some are absorbed. Some take sensational stories to heart, some don’t. All in the rectangular space of the underground rhythms.

Darren Michael made this great video of the concert. Music recorded by James Dunn, Cafe Oto, mixed and mastered by Jobina Tinnemans.



posted October 19, 2015

Cafe OTO this Thursday

Turner Piece, the new work by composer Jobina Tinnemans will première in Cafe OTO, London on Thursday 22nd October along with two other works by Tinnemans, all performed by the acclaimed Apartment House ensemble and featuring soprano Loré Lixenberg.

Ticket prices are £10 on the door, £8 in advance and £6 for Cafe OTO members. Advance tickets can be ordered here.

Turner Piece-JobinaTinnemans


About the work

“Turner Piece  is a unique and fascinating work, which continues Tinnemans’ trademark of using non-musical ‘instruments’ as part of her compositions.

In this piece, the turning of the musical scores followed by the performers actually makes up part of the soundscape she creates. Usually the turning of pages in a classical piece is kept quiet but Tinnemans embraces this sound as part of the piece itself. The scores are printed on different types of paper to create a multitude of aural textures, some musicians will be working from tissue paper, some from brown paper and some from newspaper.

This creates a musical work where impressionistic landscape sceneries of dry grasses in the wind and gentle murmuring shore sea waves are translated and performed by the rustling sounds of the score’s page turning. And because it’s about wide landscapes, she has arranged the Apartment House ensemble into two sub-ensembles, Left and Right, to create a live, organic stereo effect.

Turner Piece is a Sound And Music ‘Embedded’ commission for the 20th jubilee of the Apartment House ensemble, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze.”




posted October 2, 2015

Printing Scores On Tissue Paper

Today the Apartment House ensemble is going to workshop my three new works – ‘Turner Piece’, ‘Apartment House’ and ‘Metro’.

By turning the score’s pages of both ‘Turner Piece’ and ‘Metro’, the sound of paper features as an instrument. I’ve been having a great time going to an art supplies shop listening to their paper qualities.

Printing on tissue paper needs some extra attention.








posted September 12, 2015

Apartment House @20 are go!

Apartment House is celebrating their 20 years anniversary in style with many exciting concerts in upcoming months. BBC3 Radio made a wonderful programme about Anton Lukoszevieze and Apartment House – it’s the last couple of days to catch this broadcast on iPlayer here: Apartment House @20 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b065wvmf

For the latest concert updates follow on Twitter @house_apartment or Anton Lukoszevieze​​ on Facebook. Website www.apartmenthouse.co.uk

Three works from my Apartment House ‘Embedded’ commission will premiere in Cafe Oto on October 22nd.

Apartment House



posted July 9, 2015

Cafe Oto London October Premiere

After a long period of quietly working away, three new pieces, commissioned by Sound And Music ‘Embedded’ for Apartment House, will have their premiere on October 22 in Café Oto in London.
More info in due time.




posted June 24, 2015

Turner Piece & Metro

Turner Piece - Apartment House - Sound And Music Embedded - Jobina Tinnemans


Very happy me. I’m working on a composition for paper and strings. The first movement is called ‘Turner Piece’ using the sound of the paper score sheets, sonically referring to abstract landscape sounds and Impressionistic paintings by Turner.

Just now I finished the sketch for a next movement called ‘Metro’ – about the underground newspaper. This is what inspired me in the first place. One time I was sitting in a crowded carriage, no one uttered a single vowel or cough. All you could hear was the rhythm of the train and the rustling of the free newspaper. I was mesmerised.

‪#‎apartmenthouse‬‪#‎embedded‬ ‪#‎soundandmusic‬ ‪#‎turnerpiece‬

posted June 15, 2015

Glassine Tissue Paper – Sonic Sketchbook #15

Taking you to your childhood photo album;
to the lady in a documentary proudly illustrating her history with newspaper cutouts;
to the uncle with the exotic stamps collection.
It also sounds a bit like a sea wave.
Or like it just as it is.




posted June 8, 2015

Sheet. Music.

The music within a sheet of paper






















posted June 3, 2015

Print Print Print

Beyond thrilled to be experimenting with printing on newspaper, glassine, tissue and tracing film. It looks and sounds fabulous. So much to do. Haven’t even touched the graphics side of it yet. So far all is about functionality only. #turnerpiece




posted March 27, 2015

Find it in the phonebook

Oh glory! Ha! I was wondering how to print a score on delicate tissue paper, as relatively thin newspaper paper still seems to be a bit too heavy for the sound that I’m after…. the answer came through the letterbox in the shape of a (new) phonebook, today. Put straight into good use.

It sounds particularly nice pre-crinkled. #turnerpiece





posted February 6, 2015

The Sound Of Turning Paper

paper todo pict  JT


posted July 8, 2014

Apartment House new work

via Facebook: “So, Anton, this is what we are going to do, right? Lore fits in nicely, too, a whole building to herself… (Although there is one person on this very wishful wishlist I haven’t asked yet…)” — with Anton Lukoszevieze.



posted July 8, 2014

Apartment House ensemble commission

I’m very much looking forward to working on a new piece with the contemporary experimental Apartment House ensemble, London, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze. The result is planned for 2015. It’s a ‘New Voices’ commission by the wonderful Sound And Music, thank you for this.


Apartment House photo




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