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‘Varesotto [Hinterland of Varèse] – an Electric Poetry commission as part of the 60th anniversary of the Poème Électronique by Edgar Varèse and Yannis Xenakis in the Philips Pavillion of the Paris World Exhibition of 1958

 Virtual Instruments: ‘wren’, ‘Kammerkor Sudurlands I/ II /III/ IV’ and ‘not-at-all-a-cello’


‘Varèsotto [Hinterland of Varèse]’ live set up –  Photo Agata Urbaniak

Some of the virtual instruments are performed with my custom-designed hardware. For ‘Varèsotto [Hinterland of Varèse]’ I use these moisturiser jars.


‘Killing Time – Pwll Deri’ premiere performance at MATA festival NYC

 Virtual Instruments for ‘Killing Time’: ‘paper I/ II/ III’, ‘Pwll Deri’, ‘Und SciFi’ and ‘Arctic Terns’


‘Kantele’ traditional Runo song performed by Ilona Korhonen with live soundscape 

 Virtual Instruments: ‘wolves’, ‘snow’, ‘finches in forest’, ‘stream’ and ‘clouds’


For the NYC MATA Festival commission in 2013 I converted my field recordings of Pwll Deri, on my home grounds on the Strumble Head peninsula in Pembrokeshire, into virtual instruments. Since then I’ve worked on several projects which included my custom-made virtual instruments, such as Vogue New York workshops, Sounds And Stories Live in Helsinki.

Part of the creation of my virtual instruments is designing the interfaces to perform the music in the right timing, or non-timing for that matter, or with a certain sense of choreography..



“Unlike an instrument where the length of string determines pitch, in ‘Killing Time’ the length of string determines time between stitches and therefore the timing of the music. Jobina’s innovative brainchild features performing knitters who by their knitting action generate the timelessness of sounds of nature in a far more immersive and evocative manner than a mere field recording ever could.”


Supported by the PRSF for Music Foundation The Composers’ Fund





posted June 6, 2018

Beauty Department inter…. face!

Just to confirm gender stereotypes I decided to make a very girly interface out of cream jars and chucked some pink and lipstick in for good measure.



posted December 12, 2017

Varesotto, Hinterland of Varèse

…is the title of my latest electronic poetry piece featured in this exhibition.

I’ve used several of my virtual instruments in the composition – wren, Kammerkor Sudurlands I/ II /III/ IV and not-at-all-a-cello.

Listen to a 30sec preview




posted February 4, 2017

Sounds And Stories Live Helsinki

The M-Cult residency at the Maunula-Talo has resulted in a wonderful performance. All participants have been so engaged, together we created some magic.

Read on here


Performing Knitters on prepared knitting needles from left to right: Tuula Mäki-kamppi on snow, Sirkka Leskinen on wolves, Tuulikki Haverinen on clouds, Liisa Airaksinen on finches, Pirjo Koponen on stream. Runo singer: Ilona Korhonen. On electronics: Jobina Tinnemans. Photo: Jaime Culebro.



posted May 19, 2015

Millenium Centre Cardiff Killing Time concert and Workshops #4

Received some great responses after the performance and workshops. Will post in due time. Below are the lovely Evelyne and Catriona having their say











posted May 17, 2015

Millenium Centre Cardiff Killing Time concert and Workshops #3

All kit set up for my prepared knitting needles workshop later today! I’ve made some gorgeous instruments and a wild card….

Knitting Workshop2-Jobina Tinnemans.JPG


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