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Newsletter July ’16


Merino blog article Jan. 2016




Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer ’15 magazine publication

Vogue Knitting Spring:Summer-JobinaTinnemans

Sound And Music published an article on their Sampler blog about the MATA festival commission ‘Killing Time’


I Care If You Listen – New York New Music blog, October 2013

Introducing Jobina Tinnemans’ MATA commission




Alex Ross in ‘The New Yorker’

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise:_

This is an episode on about the MATA festival. From about 10:00 mins Yotam Haber, artistic director, speaks inclusively about why and how the commissioning team chose my work out of 600 plus submissions. The work with ping-pong games and people trimming hedges he mentions in the interview is ‘Shakespeare and Hedgeshear’, which will once more be performed at the ‘World Music Days 2014’ in Wroclaw, Poland.


Pembrokeshire Life Magazine article, March 2011 issue – click on image to zoom in 

Pembrokeshire Life Magazine article, March 2011 issue   Pembrokeshire Life Magazine article, March issue, page 2


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