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for a quick overview of Tinnemans’ commissions and activities



John Grant on R6 mention ‘discovering music by Jobina Tinnemans’ @ 0:36secs

The Woolmark Company – Merino blog article Jan. 2016

Vogue Knitting Live! NYC catwalk concert – DutchCultureUSA

I Care If You Listen – MATA commission.

WQXR Radio NYC – MATA commission – Mechanical Turks and Fearless Composers

Soundnotion TV – MATA commission

Alex Ross ‘The Rest Is Noise’ – MATA commission

Sound And Music UK – MATA festival commission 


click on image to read the composer’s profile article published by Dr. Christopher Fox




David Kim-Boyle ‘REFRAMING THE LISTENING EXPERIENCE THROUGH THE PROJECTED SCORE’ featuring his observations on my panoramic score concept


Vogue Knitting NYC Spring/ Summer ’15 magazine publication

Vogue Knitting Spring:Summer-JobinaTinnemans



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