Sandresky plays Glass and Paper London | New York

Eleonor Sandresky performing ‘Page Turner Étude No.1’ in Stony Point, NY

The much celebrated New York composer and pianist Eleonor Sandresky commissioned Jobina Tinnemans to create a set of experimental piano solo studies for a concert programme, resulting in three works: Page Turner Étude Nº1-3

The programme began as Eleonor’s tribute to Philip Glass, to celebrate his 80th birthday and highlight his fearless innovation as an artist, his curiosity about the world, and his open heart and mind. Eleonor Sandresky is a long-time Philip Glass Ensemble member and guest musician with Glass in a number of roles and counts him as one of her most important mentors.

The programme extends the ripple out from Glass’s music, focusing on work that, like Glass’s early work, expands the idea of concert music and how we experience it.

Page Turner Études Nº1-3

In these works the act of page turning becomes an instrument. The delicate rustling sounds of paper sheet music being precisely turned is the composition.

The page turning parts are composed in tandem with the instrument parts, the performing musician playing two instruments simultaneously. Page Turning scores are handmade and each has its specific paper rustling sound.

Works featuring the act of page turning as an instrument are Sheet Music (2013), Turner Piece (2015), Metro (2015), Page Turner Étude Nº1-3 (2017) and Turner Piece for Orchestra (2020) (see Publishing).

Eleonor Sandresky rehearsing ‘Page Turner Étude No.1’ in Lampeter House, Pembrokeshire, UK