Some more thoughts

International Contemporary Ensemble – collaborative materials

My concert in Moylegrove, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

Five Thoughts on Everything is my debut composer’s album which was released in May 2020. You can listen to it via this embedded Bandcamp link.

It’s a studio album, although most featured sounds which don’t sound like familiar instruments are in fact software instruments and would be reproducible by a performer in concert, rather than as a backing track. I’ve called them field instruments, as typically they are designed out of sounds from field recordings.

These virtual field instruments to me are a way of recreating a natural sound in its organic timing for as long as I intend. I program them accordingly, which often results that they need custom-made hardware to be played. A standard midi keyboard doesn’t work.

tea cup controller
ramen controller

This inspired me to design hardware with performative qualities. Reconnecting the software instruments that are by their nature schizophonic in a time-based artistic context.

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