‘Intense Colour’ composition screened on an intense scale

And this is what I’ve been working on with Craig Morrison, composing a sound to a colour, it will get continued, we’ve been experimenting. It has been a challenge to orchestrate a sound that one can play for a long time without getting uncomfortable but stays pleasant and in the mood the colour would giveContinue reading “‘Intense Colour’ composition screened on an intense scale”

“Our Artist of the Day” on Blinc Festival blog

on Blinc Festival blog: ” blinc Artist of the Day today is Jobina Tinnemans. She will be working with Craig Morrison, Menna Elfyn, Joel Cockrill and Elizabeth Ashworth on a collaborative piece called “Intense Colour Movement”. Steffan Rhodri will be providing the narration. The piece will also feature on The SPACE. (…)” read more, watch videoContinue reading ““Our Artist of the Day” on Blinc Festival blog”

new work for Blinc Festival

Blinc Digital Arts Festival is a spectacular experience around Conwy Castle, on the 27-28th of October. The curators have invited me to create a new composition for this year’s edition commemorating Alan Turing’s Centenary. http://blincdigital.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blinc-Digital-Arts/261569970530561