Sjórinn Shanty for Choir

I do love making artwork for my #music if I get the chance. #sjórinn #shantyfor #choir with a #seafarers #seashanty work rhythm. #reykjavik #hull#composer #composition #storytelling #faded #ink #stamps and #scribbly #fonts . .

April LIVE dates

‘Jobina Tinnemans as BLATNOVA’ establishes a magical biotope where acoustic ecology, science fiction, minimalism, sound processing and songwriting can coexist peacefully next to each other. From this recipe Jobina cooks up a weird alchemy: while you’re listening you will discover a little door in the speakers of your soundsystem. You pass and enter a new universe.’ AprilContinue reading “April LIVE dates”


Next week Saturday, Cycle Festival, Iceland will feature a performance of a collection of six new works of mine titled ‘Reflections over Verisimilitude’. The South Iceland Chamber Choir will be singing alongside their own echoes diffused over multiple speakers and their filmed counterparts in various fictional landscapes. These echoes navigate through space, history and fiction. Ááááááááá It beginsContinue reading “Á – SKETCHING OUT ‘REFLECTIONS OVER VERISIMILITUDE’ #5”

Imagine The Snow To Be White Paper

End of January I spent in Iceland to research and develop my current Moving Classics commission by Creative Europe. Lines and dots on paper is how I sketch out my music, to visualise natural textures I hear. These drawings are not necessarily an impression of the landscape I see, they are more of a translation of how I hearContinue reading “Imagine The Snow To Be White Paper”

Iceland R&D visit January

MOVING CLASSICS COMMISSION FOR KAMMERKÓR SUÐURLANDS Day 1 – Tuesday 26.01.2016 MEETING HILMAR, BJÖRG AND THORUNN Arrived late afternoon in Reykjavik BSI station by plane and then coach, about 16:15, to be picked up by my fabulous hosts Hilmar Örn Agnarsson and Björg Þórhallsdóttir by car to bring me to my AirBnB stay at Fossegata 11. It’s a wonderful apartmentContinue reading “Iceland R&D visit January”