“Shakespeare and Hedgeshear” musique concrète vimeo

One can’t really make out what’s going on, the lounge wall is too thick to overhear your neighbours in detail… Still you feel you’re witnessing something… You’re watching a concrete music composition for 2 table tennis matches and 3 untrimmed hedges, written to the extreme long reverb of a Gasometer – with innocent shear clippingContinue reading ““Shakespeare and Hedgeshear” musique concrète vimeo”

“Shakespeare and Hedgeshear”

A musique concrete composition for 2 Table Tennis Matches, 3 Untrimmed Hedges, a Radioplay and a solo on Casio MONO@Gasometer Oberhausen concerts, September 2007 Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany all info here Shakespeare and Hedgeshear